Chad Michael Murray Just Landed A New TV Gig As A Sexy Cult Leader

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Chad Michael Murray will be returning to The CW but not for a One Tree Hill revival. Murray will go from calling Tree Hill his TV home on the network to the not-so-quiet town of Riverdale. He is joining the recently renewed CW series in a role that is a far cry from Lucas Scott. Murray will be playing a cult leader.

The actor will be coming to Riverdale as the much-talked-about character Edgar Evernever, per TVLine. Described as “enigmatic,” Edgar is the head of the “cult-like” organization known as the Farm. Viewers are already familiar with the group, which has heavily ingratiated itself with Betty’s mom, Alice. They have yet to set eyes on its leader, though.

Thanks to Chad Michael Murray’s casting, they are about to get a visual. So, what is he up to? Edgar is finally heading to town with plans to share his teachings, and that is not all he has in mind.

According to the report, he is also looking to restore the “ravaged soul” of the “once wholesome” Riverdale. As that is not foreboding enough, there's more. Edgar’s character description asks, almost rhetorically, if he is “hiding a more sinister agenda.” If he is not that would be quite a twist.

As for Edgar’s personality, that is where things get even more curious. Fans have heard a lot about the Farm and Edgar. Now they will get to see him in action. He is said to be a “charming, handsome guru.” His influence on the town and, especially, Betty’s family members precedes him.

For long-time CW viewers, the casting of Chad Michael Murray is a pretty brilliant move. Before the teen drama that is Riverdale, there was One Tree Hill. By casting Murray, Riverdale may be able to draw in curious One Tree Hill fans that have yet to watch the series. Both shows already share having a lot of drama in their storylines.

What will this mean for Riverdale’s cast of characters? One thing it hints at is that the Farm storyline is about to come to a crescendo. Why else introduce the leader of the Farm? Edgar finally being seen does not mean the story is about to end any time soon, though.

The report does not mention how long the role is set to last. Since Riverdale is entering the back half of its third season, he could theoretically be around for a while. It seems doubtful they would cast Chad Michael Murray for a role that was pretty blink-and-you-missed-it.

Find out what happens with Chad Michael Murray’s Edgar and the Farm when new episodes of Riverdale air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on The CW. Even more shows await viewers in the new year.

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