Is Aidy Bryant Really Considering Leaving SNL? Here's What She Says

Saturday Night Live Aidy Bryant
(Image credit: Rosalind O'Conner/NBC)
(Image credit: Rosalind O'Conner/NBC)

Like many Saturday Night Live alums before her, Aidy Bryant is finding success outside of the sketch comedy series. Is Bryant really considering leaving the NBC show, though? Here is what she had to say regarding her future on SNL:

I think I’ll definitely go back next season. I’m going to take it as it comes. Especially being at SNL, I’ve really learned to not plan ahead, but being in the moment. But I know I would be incredibly sad if this was my last season and I’m not ready to go. I love it there, and I’m not on my way out.

Based on what Aidy Bryant said (via Deadline), she is not planning to go anywhere anytime soon. The Saturday Night Live star has been on the show for seven years. She started her impressive run in 2012.

What Aidy Bryant had to say regarding her future should put to rest any concerns she may be leaving. From the sound of things, she is not ready to say goodbye quite yet. So, what brought on the speculation in the first place?

Aidy Bryant has a new show coming up on Hulu entitled Shrill. It is an adaptation of Lindy West’s novel. Bryant stars in the series, which she also co-wrote. Hence, she has been pretty involved in the series. Bryant’s involvement is not where the show’s Saturday Night Live connections end.

Saturday Night Live’s creator, Lorne Michaels, is an executive producer on Shrill. The Hulu series was filmed during SNL’s summer hiatus. So filming did not interfere with Bryant’s work on Saturday Night Live, at least for this season.

If the show is a hit, it stands to reason that a second season could be in Shrill’s future. Should scheduling issues emerge then, they would have to cross that bridge when they arrive at it. Shrill’s initial outing was able to be filmed without incurring any scheduling issues with Saturday Night Live. Hence, it seems hopeful that a second installment would follow suit.

Lorne Michaels clearly believes in Aidy Bryant’s talent. Bryant has been a main cast member on SNL for seven years, and he is executive producing her new show. If Aidy Bryant ends up leaving, it would not be the first time a breakout star has left the show.

Despite many outside opportunities, a lot of SNL stars have been able to keep their Saturday Night Live schedules going alongside other things. Aidy Bryant might decide to take that track. It is working for many of Season 44’s current stars.

Aidy Bryant seems to be taking the SNL experience one season at a time. She mentioned that she would "definitely" be back “next season.” As for this season being her last, she seems considerably hopeful it will not be. Time will tell how things play out.

Don Cheadle will host tonight’s (February 16) new episode of Saturday Night Live. Adding to the excitement is that this is his first time hosting the show. Gary Clark Jr. will be the episode’s musical guest.

Saturday Night Live airs Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC. You can watch Aidy Bryant in her new show, Shrill, when it premieres March 15 on Hulu. It is among the new shows arriving in the midseason.

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