This Is Us' Chrissy Metz Just Landed A Fun New Role On Another NBC Show

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Chrissy Metz will be taking on a fun new role outside of This Is Us. The actress will appear on another NBC show. Her new role promises to be a departure from her usual work on the tear-jerking drama. Metz is heading to Superstore!

This Is Us fans, don't worry that this means Kate is leaving. This new role does not indicate Kate is going anywhere on This Is Us for a simple reason. Chrissy Metz has signed on to guest star on Superstore for an upcoming episode in Season 4, per TVLine. She will play human resources rep, Luanne, who the report describes as “all-business.” What brings her to Cloud 9?

Luanne is investigating a series of “embarrassing tweets.” Uh-oh. That does not sound good. If Cloud 9 has called in human resources, this is probably going to get pretty intense. It will be a while before Superstore viewers get to find out how the investigation gets resolved. Chrissy Metz’s episode will not air until May.

Despite the character’s serious nature, Superstore is a comedy, so do not expect her to have to get This Is Us serious. For fans of Chrissy Metz, this is undoubtedly exciting news. Metz is known for her dramatic work on the NBC hit. On Superstore, she will get to show off her comic side, which This Is Us’ storylines do not necessitate as much.

Chrissy Metz’s Superstore character reads as a significant change of pace for the actress. It is fun that NBC is giving its actors a chance to shuffle the deck in terms of roles they do. This intriguing casting news should help fans pass the time as the wait for Superstore’s return nears its end.

It has been three months since fans saw a new episode of the NBC comedy. Superstore has been on an extended hiatus that is about to come to an end this month. This Is Us is nearing the end of its season, which is set to wrap in early April. So, Chrissy Metz’s episode of Superstore will air after This Is Us’ Season 3 finale has aired.

This season of This Is Us has been a rollercoaster ride for Kate and Toby. In the promo for Episode 14, things appear to take a troubling turn for Kate. Towards the end, she can be seen being brought into the hospital via stretcher.

Fans will have to see how things turn out when that episode airs Tuesday, March 5. Whatever happens, it will likely be tear-worthy, so cheer yourself up. Two days later, Superstore fans will herald the return of Cloud 9 and its ensemble.

Catch Chrissy Metz in Superstore when her episode airs in May. The series’ fourth season continues with new episodes beginning Thursday, March 7 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. It and This Is Us are among the shows airing new this midseason.

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