A World's Best Fan Favorite And Frontrunner Dropped Out Of The Competition

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The World's Best Season 1 finale. Read at your own risk!

CBS' The World's Best has introduced America to some truly incredible talent, and by the finale, it was clear each and every competitor had a shot at winning one of modern television's more entertaining game shows. With that said, there was one contestant that stood out amongst the rest as a clear fan favorite and frontrunner, which made his decision to drop out all the more shocking. So, why did Dimash Kudaibergen drop out of the top three?

The singer from Kazakhstan explained to the shocked judges that because he was up against Lydian and Daneliya, who are children, he wished to defer and let both of them advance. It was a decision that Faith Hill voiced she didn't feel he had a right to make, and she urged Dimash to change his mind and remain in the race. RuPaul was far less kind, and called Dimash's dropping out disrespectful to the competition.

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Dimash didn't get a lot of love from the American judges for dropping out, but fellow Kazakhstan panelist Gia Noortas said she understood where he was coming from. She explained Dimash's decision to give the children an opportunity was in line with the national message of Kazakhstan, though she seemed just as disappointed as the American judges that he was walking away.

Viewers of The World's Best largely seemed to support Dimash Kudaibergen's decision on social media as well, and felt RuPaul was far too harsh on the singer for stepping down. Tweets speaking out in support of Dimash flooded Twitter, and got a surge of likes from those who wanted the singer to know they had his back.

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Dimash's sacrifice was not in vain, as Lydian Nadhaswaram ended up making it all the way to the show's finale. Lydian ended up going head to head with Kukkiwon Demonstration Team for the win, in a battle of kung fu and music. The young Indian musician gave it his all, and in the end he won The World's Best. It was an amazing moment for the young musician that, quite frankly, may not have happened if not for Dimash.

Though he didn't win the competition, it's clear that Dimash Kudaibergen could have a professional music career and be a touring success. He seems to have a lot of fans on the internet already, and it feels like he's already won The World's Best in a way. Would he have had the same outcome beating two children, or even by losing to one of them? The world will never know, and that's ok because we heard him sing either way.

The World's Best is finished with Season 1 at CBS, and what a ride it's been. For more on the show, be sure to read up on how this talent competition was such a challenge to set up when compared to the other reality shows on television.

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