Are Superstore's Jonah And Amy Together For The Long Haul? Here's What The Creator Says

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Superstore fans have been able to rejoice about a very important issue since the beginning of this season. Will-they-or-won't-they couple Amy and Jonah were finally revealed to be dating at the end of the Season 4 premiere. Now, though, the major question is whether or not the long-simmering twosome will stay coupled. Creator Justin Spitzer was asked if Amy and Jonah would become a new Jim and Pam (of The Office fame), and the news is sure to (basically) warm the heart of many fans:

They’ll have issues. I know that we’re planning on having a little tension come out this season. I think with Jim and Pam, [executive producer] Greg Daniels had decided right from the start, we are never going to do the thing where we break them up. Like, they can have little marital issues, and that can just be funny, but we’re not doing that move. We haven’t said that on this show but we don’t have any plans to break them up either.

You've probably noticed that I said Justin Spitzer's update on Amy and Jonah's future would basically warm fans' hearts, and now you can see why. While he and his team of writers have no plans to go down the well-worn sitcom path of getting an important couple together only to then break them up, sometimes multiple times, Amy and Jonah will see some "issues" in their relationship, which is only normal. The good news in this revelation is, of course, that Jonah and Amy's undeniable attraction has already weathered some complications, and they've still managed to come through those things and end up together.

The possibility for a romantic relationship between Jonah and Amy was evident from Superstore's first episode, but Amy had things going on in her life that made their burgeoning attraction impossible, not to mention the fact that she was almost as annoyed by Jonah as she was drawn to him. Even after her life opened up a bit, they had to contend with Jonah's new relationship, and yet another complication on Amy's end. But, after finally sharing a kiss in the Season 2 finale, their attraction reached a new peak a full season later, and they've been together ever since.

Justin Spitzer surely knows that getting a sitcom couple together can be tricky, and Superstore has handily managed to avoid the awkward lull that has sometimes come in past shows when a fictional couple finally become one. As anyone who's watched Friends will know, the solution to that lull has typically been to break up the romance that the series has been building for several years, only to have them eventually find their way back to each other, and this can sometimes happen more than once.

Lucky for us, Spitzer has no immediate plans to take Amy and Jonah in that direction, and he noted in his talk to Uproxx that the goal is to keep them together, throw some intriguing (and probably pretty funny) life problems at them and try to make sure that everyone who was rooting for them all this time still likes them and wants to watch them develop as a couple.

So, in terms of the general idea, I think we are hoping to emulate The Office, have them get together, but have us still like them. You know, you’re not praying for them to kiss, because they kissed, because they’re already together, but you’re still excited to see them together, and you’re still interested in following their relationship.

Well, I'd say thing are going well so far. The only thing now is for the show to start lobbing those issues Amy and Jonah's way, and for fans to get some good laughs as we watch how they cope. You can keep up with all things Amy and Jonah when Superstore airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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