Legends Of Tomorrow Will Return With All Kinds Of Costume Questions

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 has been just about the weirdest season the series has done, and it's not just the premise that is strange. Many have noticed that a good chunk of the team has not worn their traditional hero costumes, and may be wondering if the suits will return or they're gone for good. Showrunner Phil Klemmer has an answer, although it may inevitably lead to more questions.

Many of them will appear in their iconic costumes, others will appear in other characters’ costumes which they, err, ‘borrowed.' And for a brief time, Nate/Steel with have a super-suited sidekick called Kid Steel.

Well, one of those answers was clear, and it will be interesting to see how Nate ends up having a sidekick. As for the rest, Phil Klemmer confirmed many of the Legends will be suiting up, and others will "borrow" costumes from other characters. Did they get their original suits lost at the dry cleaner or something? Maybe he's referring to characters like Zari who don't really have super suits and may need to borrow another Legend's threads.

We're left to wonder. Knowing Legends of Tomorrow, the members might snag other iconic DC outfits from DC characters, or may even find cheap knockoffs of their own costumes. There's really no way of analyzing Phil Klemmer's response to an inquiring fan (via TVLine), as the Arrow-verse show's kookiness has made it progressively harder to predict.

So it's a good thing Phil Klemmer didn't leave fans completely high and dry, as he presented some questions the Legends will ask that may give some answers to this costume situation. Klemmer revealed Legends of Tomorrow's back half will have the team questioning the necessity of their costumes, as well as some other things regarding their journey as heroes.

It’s interesting that you ask this question about supersuits because in the finale the Legends will question, ‘What makes a superhero? Why do people look up to superheroes? Is wearing a costume integral to being a superhero?’ and finally, ‘Do we need to wear our supersuits in order to save the world?'

So far, the Legends have been able to save the day without costumes by helping the Time Bureau collect some of the mythical beasts that are still out in the world post-Mallus. They've been more or less successful, so one would assume the supersuits aren't explicitly necessary to saving the world. Of course, they may want to hold onto them anyway, especially if they happen to be invited to the next Arrow-verse crossover in which having the suits wouldn't hurt.

Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW for the second half of Season 4 Monday, April 1. That's not the only place fans will be able to find the cast either, as one actress in particular is slated to appear on Arrow later that month.

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