First Deadwood: The Movie Trailer Is Full Of Al And Seth, Yet A Startling Lack Of Swear Words

Deadwood's movie has been talked about for so long, it's understandable if some fans were skeptical it would even happen. Yet, progress has been fast moving since it was officially announced last July, and after lots of talk in 2018, the first footage has arrived. Check out the trailer below, which has plenty of action, Al, and Seth, and surprisingly, no swearing.

Al and Seth take center stage in this trailer, and you gotta love Al wearily asking Seth if he has to tackle all problems head on. Looks like that's not changing in Deadwood: The Movie, which has teased old rivalries "reignited" and old wounds will fester once more. It's also mentioned the changing times will inevitably affect everyone, in what we presume will be the final chapter in Deadwood.

To mention it again though, where was the swearing? Surely these modern times haven't encouraged Al to lighten up on the harsh language. Perhaps a red band trailer is on the way, and this is more of one suitable to air on network television as folks are locked to primetime television and March Madness fun. We could be wrong of course, but it's far more probable a profanity-laced trailer will surface eventually.

For all that we saw in the Deadwood: The Movie trailer, there's not a ton that's shown that lays out what the film is about. According to producer Carolyn Strauss in an interview with EW, this film largely focuses on the passage of time, and how its affected Deadwood and the characters living within it. This change supposedly hits Al Swearington particularly hard, who's power within the town is seemingly slipping.

This all takes place with 1889 as a back drop, as South Dakota is celebrating its entry as the 40th state of the Union. Things are changing fast, and Deadwood: The Movie intends to focus on how things have changed for all characters over 12 years, not just Al. With that said, Carolyn Strauss did say Al's story is a big part of what's happening, so fans should get ready to see a lot of him throughout.

Deadwood fans will also get to see a lot of other familiar faces, as Deadwood: The Movie has managed to sweep up a large number of the show's original cast for this movie. It's been a long road, but luckily, the show's cast believed in the project enough to come back. Of course, some were just as skeptical, with Timothy Olyphant going on the record to say it's never going to happen a few months prior to the announcement.

Deadwood: The Movie is coming to HBO Friday, May 31. CinemaBlend will keep an eye out for updates and more footage until then, as well as any instances of Al swearing. For more on classic HBO shows, check out what David Chase had to say about the original ending he envisioned for The Sopranos.

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