Katherine Heigl Is Giving Comedy A Try In New CBS Project

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Katherine Heigl is leaving the drama of her past TV roles behind her for her new project. She is changing things up with a comedy. After starring on the intense medical drama that is Grey’s Anatomy and the legal series Doubt and Suits, she is ready for some laughs. Heigl has signed on for the pilot of a new CBS series.

Katherine Heigl is set to star in the lead role of Our House, as well as executive produce the series, per Deadline. The show is currently in the pilot stage. Our House is not just a comedy, it is a multi-camera series. Something that strongly suggests it could be a sitcom. Hence, Heigl will be taking a deep dive into comedy.

Now to the question you probably want to know: What is Our House about? The show follows a mom (Katherine Heigl) and a dad, played by Timeless’ Malcolm Barrett. The parents find themselves tested when her “insane” family comes back into their lives.

Having moved back into her childhood home, Katherine Heigl’s Bridget finds her own parenting style tested. She has tried to be laid-back and adopt the progressive parenting style of her husband, who is a therapist. However, her parents' old school approach starts to have its effect. The parents' differing styles sound like the source of most of the comedy’s conflict.

While Katherine Heigl has done her share of feature film comedies, television has been a different story for the actress. She has significantly focused on dramas during her television career. From Roswell to Suits, one thing her television series have had in common is being dramas. Her television movies aside, Heigl has traditionally focused on dramatic television work.

Our House marks Katherine Heigl’s fourth post-Grey’s Anatomy role. Her most recent television role was on Suits Season 8, wherein she played Samantha Wheeler. It is unclear what, if any, impact Heigl signing on for a pilot will have on her returning for Suitsninth and final season.

Making a move to comedy may be just what Katherine Heigl needs. As someone who has enjoyed her work in her film comedies, her taking on a television comedy seems like a good move. She has a comic flair that should work quite nicely for Our House.

Katherine Heigl’s career in movie comedies has been robust. Hence, I find it sort of surprising that she has not tried her hand at a television comedy sooner. She has now, so all that is left is to wait and see what its future holds.

As mentioned above, Our House is currently in the pilot stage. It may be a while before word surfaces on whether CBS has picked up the series. Network television’s fall schedules usually get unveiled around May, so it should not be too much longer.

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