Netflix's You Added A Chicago Fire Vet For Season 2

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Want a Chicago Fire vet on Season 2 of Netflix’s most suspenseful hit in recent months? It's a pretty specific request, but “You” got it! The second-season cast for Penn Badgley's You continues to add names to its ever-growing ensemble, and former Chicago Fire star Charlie Barnett is the latest to join the roster.

Also part of Netflix's time-loop comedy Russian Doll, Charlie Barnett has signed on for a recurring role in Season 2 of You, per Deadline. Charlie Barnett’s role sounds like a pivotal one, too, as it puts him in the center of the action. To understand that importance, it is important to do a quickrecap of what Season 2 will be about, in case anyone missed that news.

You’s second outing will follow Joe as he heads from New York to sunny Los Angeles, where he will meet and likely obsess over an aspiring chef named Love Quinn. Charlie Barnett will play Love’s “oldest friend” Gabe, though he is not only a mere friend. He has the inside track on her life as Love’s “closest confidant.”

While Love is stated to be very interested in social media, you can probably bet that she texts Gabe, which could be the avenue Joe takes to cull information about the new apple of his eye. But Joe might want to be careful, as Gabe's career offers him some interesting attributes.

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What does Gabe do for a living? He's not a fireman like Peter Mills, but rather a “successful acupuncturist.” Gabe is also an expert on “psychedelics” and is said to be living his life to the hilt in Los Angeles. So he's good with needles and possibly has access to substances that cause hallucinations, which could make for uncomfortable trouble for anyone who crosses Gabe.

Charlie Barnett’s casting offers yet another intriguing piece of You's Season 2 puzzle. Friends played a critical role in the first season of the series, so viewers can probably expect the same to happen in the second. Beck’s relationship with Peach Salinger almost led to Joe’s undoing. He will be heading into Season 2 with that fresh in his mind, but how will it affect his actions?

Being Love’s friend likely puts Gabe in a perilous place. If he in any way gets perceived as a threat by Joe, danger will be imminent. Another big concern would be if Gabe gets suspicious of Joe and learns about his dark truths. Could Gabe be the one that takes down Joe? Probably not, but stay safe, Gabe!

Charlie Barnett’s Gabe joins two previously announced new characters for You's upcoming installment. Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor joined the show as the mysterious-sounding Will. Comedian Chris D’Elia is also set to star as a comic in the upcoming season. I still think D’Elia will play Joe’s neighbor, but how Will fits into things is harder to figure out.

Beyond the new characters, the second season will also see the return of a familiar face, with Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace back in full force. Her portrayer Ambyr Childers has gotten bumped up to series regular status for the upcoming season, so expect to see even more of her.

Chicago Fire fans will remember Charlie Barnett as Peter Mills from the NBC drama, where he was a star from 2012 to 2015. He recently starred in the first season of the critically acclaimed Netflix dramedy Russian Doll as Alan Zaveri, who serves as a unique counterpart to Natasha Lyonne's lead character. He's also got yet another Netflix project on the way, as he was cast in the return of Armistead Maupin's Tales of the City.

A premiere date for You Season 2 has not gotten set yet, so stay tuned. Hopefully, it joins Netflix’s upcoming releases soon. In the meantime, the first season is currently available to binge on Netflix.

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