Netflix's You Casts An Unexpected Star For Season 2

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You’s second season continues to get underway with another new cast addition. The Netflix series has added an unexpected star for Season 2. Who is it? Recently seen on ABC’s The Good Doctor, You has cast Chris D’Elia for a role on the TV thriller.

Time to answer the next question “you” undoubtedly want to the answer to: who is he playing? Chris D’Elia has joined the cast in the recurring role of Henderson, per Deadline. The character and D’Elia share something significant in common; they are both comedians. That’s right, Henderson is a comedian, and a famous one. As for D'Elia, he has a comedy special on Netflix called Chris D'Elia: Man on Fire. How similar will his character's humor be to his own?

For Henderson, his wardrobe choices offer quite a bit of insight into his persona. Henderson is said to don designer hoodies, black Ray-Bans, and high-price sneakers. Hence, an expensive wardrobe trifecta. Joe will probably have no shortage of things to say about that in You Season 2.

As for his personality, that is seemingly summed up with a single descriptive phrase. Henderson has a “hard-life-lessons man-of-the-people” air about him. Now that all of that has been settled, it is time to speculate on where Henderson fits into You’s second season.

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Joe is moving to Los Angeles in Season 2, so it makes sense that he would run into a comedian or two. One possibility is that Henderson is Joe’s neighbor. That would be riveting. It is easy to imagine Henderson living next door and offering Joe a chance to come in and chat. The two could become unlikely friends.

Chris D’Elia is set to recur in the role so a neighbor-type situation would fit with that. Joe is set to get involved with Love Quinn in Season 2. Maybe Henderson is an acquaintance of hers? That could be the case. Given how Season 2 is coming together, there is a lot of mystery to consider.

Chris D’Elia joins Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor in coming aboard Season 2. Taylor’s character, Will, was described in more mysterious terms. Could Will be involved in Henderson’s storyline? Anything is possible.

Joe’s ex Candace is also set to have a more prominent role in Season 2. Henderson could theoretically tie into her story as well. For now, the neighbor option seems a valid possibility. Bringing in a comedian character in the second season should be interesting, especially given Joe’s narration.

You's first season is currently available to watch on Netflix, alongside a lot of other TV content. The streamer has yet to announce a release date for Season 2, so stay tuned. In the meantime, there are plenty of new shows heading to television throughout the midseason.

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