Misha Collins' Love Letter To Supernatural Fans Promises 'We're Just Getting Started'

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The end of an era is coming to The CW in the 2019-2020 TV season thanks to Supernatural airing its final season. The three main stars announced the news that Supernatural's fifteenth season would also be its last, and fans have had to come to grips with the knowledge that the end is in sight for a show that seemed unlikely to ever wrap up.

Misha Collins, who joined the show back in Season 4 as Castiel and plays arguably the biggest character after Sam and Dean, penned a letter to Supernatural fans, and it bodes well for what's left of the series. Take a look at his hint about Season 15:

It's the first days of my last-ever Supernatural hiatus. When we go back after the break, we'll do everything in our power to give you an incredible season you deserve, one more time.We're at the threshold of an ending--but remember, all 'endings' are really just a beginning in disguise. We may have been brought together by this show, but we're all family now--and that's not going anywhere. We've already impacted the world for the better... and we're just getting started.

Not only does Misha Collins express his belief that the Supernatural family is "not going anywhere," but he promises that they're "just getting started." His comments seem to indicate that the Supernatural team is just getting started on both Season 15 and continuing to impact the world, and his point that endings are really beginnings could be helpful to Supernatural fans who are still coming to terms with the show's conclusion next season.

Misha Collins shared his message to fans via Twitter, choosing to post an image of a long letter rather than cram all of his sentiments into 240 characters or less. At this point, it's almost hard to believe that Castiel hasn't been a part of the show all along.

The actor debuted in Supernatural Season 4 as the powerful, enigmatic, and unnerving Angel of the Lord Castiel. Now, all these years later, Cas has a sense of humor and developed a deep attachment to some humans (including a profound bond with one in particular) and a father/son dynamic with a nephilim.

Who could have guessed what Castiel would become to the Winchester boys, and how important a character Castiel would become to Supernatural? It's a good thing none of those many deaths ever stuck for too long! Even Misha Collins' favorite Castiel death, which was pretty gruesome, only kept the angel out of commission for a brief time.

Misha Collins is hardly the first Supernatural cast member to weigh in on the ending. Plenty took to social media after news of the end broke, and Jared Padalecki shared an adorable pic to celebrate wrapping Season 14. Take a look at the full letter posted by Misha Collins:

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Season 14 of Supernatural is still going on The CW, so no need to panic that the end is nigh just yet. The next episode will air on Thursday, April 4 at 8 p.m. ET this midseason, and it will see Sam and Dean racing to help a friend, Mary growing concerned about Jack, and Castiel seeking the help of Jo, who is played by none other than Jensen Ackles' wife Danneel. Be sure to tune in!

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