Watch Law And Order: SVU Stars Cameo On SNL In Game Of Thrones Spinoff Spoof

Law & Order: SVU stars Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T on Saturday Night Live NBC

Seven hells, this Game of Thrones: Special Victims Unit show needs to really happen!

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) hosted Saturday Night Live last night and SNL went ALL IN with Game of Thrones. No shocker there, since GoT's final Season 8 is premiering next Sunday, April 14. The Thrones love started right in Kit's monologue -- which had cameos from several GoT stars -- and continued through the hilarious "New HBO Shows" sketch. That spoof showed off the network's upcoming Game of Thrones prequels, sequels, and spinoffs.

The HBO sketch saved one of the best gags for last, no only teasing Game of Thrones: Special Victims Unit but bringing in real Law & Order: SVU stars Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T -- in full Westeros attire -- to showcase a scene from the spinoff. It's genius, check it out:

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was just renewed for Season 21, making it the longest-running primetime live-action series ever. It kind of seems like it has been airing since feudal times, so seeing Mariska Hargitay and Ice-T in Westeros clothes kind of fits.

Saturday Night Live tends to be good at spoof sketches like that -- and the Netflix one they did not too long ago. I can't say I'd watch the Castle Black show starring Kit Harington's Jon Snow and Heidi Gardner's White Walker, or the Wildling Out show. But there's no way I'd miss the animated Daria offshoot Arya, or Sam and Gilly's The Queen of King's Landing, plus Cersei And The City, No Ballers, Dire Guys, Hodor's House, and -- The Lord of Light's favorite -- The Marvelous Mrs. Melisandre. Emmys are coming!

Kit Harington's episode showed its Game of Thrones love out of the gate in Kit's monologue, with stellar cameos from his current on-screen lady love Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), co-star BFF John Bradley (Samwell Tarly), and real life wife Rose Leslie (Ygritte), who is now curious how they're going to make money now that Game of Thrones is over. She also wants him to grow back his beard. (Same, girl.) Check it out:

Gotta love that Kit Harington was willing to throw shade at his film career, especially Pompeii, saying it "somehow proved an even bigger disaster than the event it was based on."

Saturday Night Live Season 44 is continuing with Emma Stone as host and BTS as musical guest next Saturday, April 13. Law & Order: SVU Season 20 continues Thursday, April 11 at 10 p.m. ET on NBC. And Game of Thrones Season 8 begins its short six-episode final season next Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HBO. Hodor!

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