Arrow's Birds Of Prey Episode Won't Be The Superhero Team-Up We Expected

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Arrow fans have known for a while that a Birds of Prey-esque episode was in the works for the second half of the season. Despite the absence of some of the heroes who make up the superhero team in the pages of DC Comics, many of us naturally assumed that the episode would be a team-up between several of the female heroes of the Arrow-verse. Now, more info about the episode has finally released, and it reveals that the episode won't be the team-up we expected.

The episode will be called "Lost Canary" and feature Caity Lotz as Sara Lance/White Canary evidently taking a break from the Waverider, and she'll be in the mix with Dinah as Black Canary and Laurel as Black Siren. Instead of the women joining forces against a common enemy, they'll be pitted against each other.

Thanks to Emiko's actions now that she's been outed as a villain, District Attorney Laurel Lance has been exposed as the formerly sinister baddie known as Black Siren, and she stands accused of murder. Laurel falls back into old habits in response and teams up with Shadow Thief, a friend from her crime days, for a spree.

Felicity, who has grown unexpectedly close with Laurel 2.0 in Season 7, calls in Sara Lance to help get through to Black Siren. Given that this is Sara we're talking about, Felicity is probably prepared for the fact that there could be a fight between the sisters-from-different-Earths. Laurel refuses Sara's attempts to get through to her. Meanwhile, Dinah tries to bring Laurel in, presumably lawfully. Sara might not have as many scruples about doing it by the book.

We obviously can't say for sure at this point if Laurel returns to the good side by the end of the episode, but the promo gives reason to believe that the three women won't resolve their differences without a fight. Take a look at Laurel lashing out at Sara and Dinah:

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Although the lighting in the footage makes it difficult to see many details, it's enough to show that Laurel will attack the two Canaries, with Sara and Dinah diving out of the way. Neither Black nor White Canary use the Canary Cry nowadays as they once did, but they're both formidable fighters without it, and Laurel may be fighting a losing battle even with her meta powers. Sara didn't leave her team to get into trouble on the Waverider to be beaten by the doppelganger of her sister!

All things considered, this Birds of Prey-esque episode sounds quite different from "Birds of Prey" back in Season 2. That episode featured Helena Bertinelli as Huntress, who is a member of the Birds of Prey in DC Comics.

Huntress was the baddie of the episode though, and Sara kept her identity concealed from Laurel, who somehow didn't recognize her sister from very close proximity. Honestly, Laurel, the blonde wig didn't do that much to hide Sara! She's a natural blonde! Alas, Huntress is not slated to be a part of "Lost Canary." Maybe someday!

So, "Lost Canary" may really only be Birds of Prey-esque insofar as it features multiple female fighters who are or were at one point known as Canaries. Of course, Felicity will be in the mix, so she could be the Oracle substitute. A big question is how much of a role the guys of Arrow will play in the episode.

The only actors named in the episode description are Katie Cassidy, Juliana Harkavy, Emily Bett Rickards, Caity Lotz, and Arrow-verse newcomer Carmel Amit as Laurel's guest star former crime buddy.

What are Oliver, Diggle, and Wild Dog up to in the episode? Only time will tell. Unfortunately, fans have a bit of a wait before "Lost Canary" hits the airwaves. This next Arrow episode doesn't debut until Monday, April 15 in its new 9 p.m. ET time slot. Arrow is bumped back an hour for Legends of Tomorrow's return.

At this point, I'm wondering if Legends' midseason premiere will set up Sara's departure for Arrow or she'll just pop up on Arrow in the next time slot. We'll have to wait and see.

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