Buffy Fans Will Get More Angel Soon, But Not What Fans May Be Thinking

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More from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer universe is coming, Buffistas and Scoobies!  No, we're not referring to any TV reunions or that upcoming reboot. Instead, we're talking about Angel, the vampire love interest of Buffy Summers that'll be getting some new adventures very soon. Interested? Be sure to schedule a trip to the local comic shop soon if so, because Angel is getting new adventures in the form of a previously unexpected comic book.

On Wednesday, April 17, comic book retailers should be receiving copies of Angel #0, the first issue of Boom! Studios latest story in the Buffy franchise. The comic is written by Bryan Edward Hill and drawn by artist Gleb Melnikov. As for what to expect from the story, it will modernize the tale of Angel a bit, while at the same time diving into his mythos and providing new details about the character that fans may not have known.

Updates are always risky territory for writers of a beloved franchise and/or character, but Hill assured any skeptics that he's going into the project with the utmost respect. As he put it in the press statement:

For fans of the television series, for fans of the character I’m not going to step on and turn what they love upside down. What we are really doing is honoring that work, updating it for 2019, and putting more meat on the bone. What I think will be surprising for long time fans of Angel is the way we are exploring his past, mythology, and layers. We are doing some really interesting world building stuff there that will have effect on Angel the book and perhaps Buffy the book as well.

This includes introducing former love interests of Angel, and before anyone freaks out, Newsarama reported Buffy Summers will come into the mix at some point. Bryan Edward Hill revealed Buffy and Angel's relationship will be kind of bittersweet, which is in line with how Buffy The Vampire Slayer has portrayed it. Of course, the Angel comic will likely introduce an added dimension to the story that could make things a bit more tragic than his goodbye.

Other fan favorite characters will arrive as the narrative calls for it, but Hill revealed he's excited to introduce some new characters to Angel's story as well. These new characters will be both human and inhuman, and ultimately will do more to explore Angel's various relationships during the time he's been alive, and potentially in the timeline taking place after his show was cancelled.

The reveal of the Angel comic is such a surprise that even comic book retailers may not be aware they're receiving it. Stores will be given promotional copies equivalent to the amount of issues they have ordered of Buffy #3. Basically, if the local comic shop doesn't carry the new run of Buffy comics, there's a good chance the upcoming copy of Angel won't be there either. Most stores can probably place an order though, so ask!

The Angel comic will be at shops soon, and there's plenty of ways to enjoy the character until then. In fact, those with a Hulu subscription can hop on the app and binge all of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel right now.

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