Gwendoline Christie's Favorite Game Of Thrones Line Doesn't Even Belong To Her Character

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Game of Thrones has been the home of many memorable lines, and the cast has their favorites. If you think that every actor’s favorite line has gotten said by them, though, think again. Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth on the HBO hit has shared her pick. And, you guessed it, the line does not belong to her character.

Answering the question, Gwendoline Christie responded with one of her co-star’s lines. Whose line is it? Well, it belongs to someone she has worked closely with on Game of Thrones. Christie told TVLine:

I love ‘The things we do for love.’ I loved Nikolaj’s delivery of it, too, because it felt like it echoed through the age of a man.

Interesting selection. Gwendoline Christie chose Jaime Lannister’s line while praising actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s delivery of it. Coster-Waldau also selected it as his favorite line. How great is Christie’s observation? She sums up her co-star’s performance with brilliant eloquence, in my opinion.

Given who Jaime is now; it is hard to reconcile it is the same character who said it. For those who may need a Game of Thrones refresher on when this line was said, you are about to get it. Jaime uttered it during one of the most infamous scenes of the series, and it occurred in the Season 1 premiere.

While climbing the walls of Winterfell, Bran saw a shocking sight. That of Jaime and his twin sister, Cersei, hooking up. Unfortunately for Bran, he stayed in the window too long and got spotted by Cersei. Jaime grabbed him before he could get away. At first, it seemed like Jaime was going to let him go after asking Bran how old he was.

After hearing Bran was 10, Jaime said, “The things we do for love” and proceeded to push Bran out of the window anyway. Thus, bringing Game of Thrones’ series premiere to a shocking end. You can see Jaime utter the infamous line in the clip below, beginning at the 3:14 mark:

That line cemented Jaime’s willingness to do anything for Cersei. The casual way that Jaime says it is bone-chilling, with his voice devoid of the ominous tone his actions betray. Personally, I find it to be the most shocking moment of the first episode, and it also set the stage for the series’ cutthroat nature.

How epic would it be if “The things we do for love” were the line that Bran greets Jaime with in the season premiere? The two should meet again in Game of Thrones’ final season, because their face-off has been a long time coming. And, Sunday’s premiere could reveal how the Starks respond to Jaime’s return to Winterfell.

Considering how things went the last time, there should be sufficient tension. Perhaps “The things we do for love” will be exchanged for the “The things we do to survive.” That will probably be the mantra said to allow for Jaime’s presence at Winterfell. Humanity will need his help to survive what is coming.

Find out what other memorable lines get said in Season 8 when Game of Thrones returns this Sunday, April 14, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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