Game Of Thrones' Tyrion And Jaime Have 'Beautiful Scenes' Together In Final Season

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The Lannister brothers have not agreed on much when it comes to their sister Cersei. Despite that, they have forged a unique and deep bond with each other. What can Game of Thrones fans expect from Tyrion and Jaime’s relationship in the final season? Peter Dinklage teased:

Tyrion trusts his brother. He loves him. We have some beautiful scenes.

Based on what Peter Dinklage is saying (via TV Insider), Tyrion still trusts and loves his brother. He does not have any real reasons not to -- at least in the TV version of the story. (Book readers will recall the brothers fell out over Jaime's big Tysha confession.) Jaime has always been very loyal to Tyrion and vice versa. Hearing Peter Dinklage describe the brothers' scenes as “beautiful” has this fan super excited. Game of Thrones level “beautiful” can be somewhat sad though, so viewers will have to stay tuned.

It will be compelling to see how Tyrion and Jaime interact in Season 8. They endured quite a bit in Season 7 as Tyrion stood on one side of the battle lines, while Jaime fought on another. At one point, Daenerys Targaryen's dragon almost killed Jaime after he made a run at her. Being enemies on the battlefield was not fun for either brother.

Events such as that have not seemed to dampen their relationship. After meeting up in Season 7, Tyrion and Jaime are again on a collision course to meet in Season 8. Both are heading to the North. Tyrion is Dany's Hand and will be a more welcome guest at Winterfell (where he will reunite with his former wife Sansa Stark -- awkward). Whereas, Jaime should be a question mark on the Starks’ guest list.

If memory serves correctly, the last time Jaime was there was when he pushed Bran Stark out of the window. Who better than Tyrion to mediate the issues that will arise if Jaime needs to darken Winterfell’s doorway? Tyrion has what it takes to convince the Starks to set aside their justified anger until the war with dead is over.

After hearing Jon Snow and Daenerys’ pitch regarding the Night King and his army, Jaime decided to take action. He even parted ways with Cersei to do it -- a sign that he believes that a significant fight is facing humanity. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau explained his motivation, saying:

There is no future without defeating the threat.

That succinct explanation defines what is destined to be the fight of Jaime Lannister’s life. He has seen and fought a lot, nothing quite like this, though. He is used to the flesh and blood battles waged by those among the living. Now, he will face off with the dead.

Game of Thrones has a lot to take care of in its final season. As a fan of the rich family dynamics that course through the series, it is nice to hear they will get attention. Tyrion and Jaime’s scenes have been among the series’ most haunting. There is an unfettered gravity to them. It will be intriguing to see where their last interactions together leave them.

Watch what Peter Dinklage sums up as Tyrion and Jaime’s “beautiful scenes” in the final season. Game of Thrones Season 8 starts Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO.

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