How The Pretty Little Liars Spinoff Finally Addressed Alex And Mary Drake

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When Pretty Little Liars ended, Mona had Spencer’s evil identical twin (Alex) and biological mother (Mary) under control. She was holding them in a dollhouse-style prison of her own making in Paris. Hence, when Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff, The Perfectionists, saw Mona walking around free, questions and alarm bells went off.

When the spinoff picks up, Mona has casually gotten a job a world away from Paris in Beacon Heights. Leading to a big question: who on earth is taking care of Alex and Mary? Well, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists touched on that mystery earlier in its first season.

Mona cryptically said that the reasons for why she was in Paris had “escaped” her. It was a hint to the audience that Mona had lost Alex and Mary, and they are on the loose. The latest episode of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists finally addressed the mystery a little deeper, thanks to an exchange between Mona and investigator Dana Booker.

In it, Dana asked Mona why she did not tell Beacon Heights University about what transpired in Rue de Siffleurs. To which, Mona responded that it was not relevant. Wait, what is known to have occurred there? The audience did not get an answer in their dialogue. However, Dana did not give up.

She followed up by asking Mona if she was worried that Alex and Mary Drake may try to find her. Mona played it cool, saying that she had “no idea” what Dana was talking about. That seems to settle that Alex and Mary are out and about, and Mona should be a bit worried. They are not forgiving people.

How did they end up escaping Mona’s lair? She seemed to have an undefeatable set-up. Are more answers around the corner? Maybe. Regarding the Mona/Alex/Mary Drake mystery, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists’ showrunner, I. Marlene King, told TVLine:

It’s not something you’re going to see right away, but as we get to breathe a little bit more and slow down the story, I’d love to see that be its own standalone episode

Based on what Dana is saying, there is a bit of public knowledge relating to what Mona did to Alex and Mary. If that is the case, why is Mona not in prison? Did Alex and Mary opt to give an “innocent” explanation for their disappearance? Planning to take revenge on Mona themselves. Whatever is known it has risen the suspicions of Dana.

Is it an open secret that Mona kidnapped them? That does not seem likely. Albeit, Dana has made the connection that Mona had something to do with whatever is known to have happened to Alex and Mary. What is that? Viewers do not know.

Troian Bellisario, who played Spencer/Alex, is not currently planning to make an on-screen return to the Pretty Little Liars universe. So that kind of throws out seeing Alex again so this can get resolved. Alex’s mother, Mary, may be another story.

Obviously, Pretty Little Liars can leave us in suspense for a bit longer. The spinoff has done a consistent job of continuing or in some cases, abruptly ending, the events that concluded the original. Will it ever fully explain the twisted tale of Mona, Alex, and Mary? Stay tuned.

Find out how storylines from the original show continue being addressed when new episodes of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

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