Watch Designated Survivor's Kiefer Sutherland Set Up Season 3 In New Video

Months after it was announced that Designated Survivor would be saved from its cancellation by Netflix, we now know that Season 3 is set to premiere in June. The streaming service teamed up with star Kiefer Sutherland to recap the events of Season 1 and 2 to prepare for the new episodes set to arrive this summer. Take a look.

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In case that recap didn't make it obvious enough, Tom Kirkman has had a rough run as President thus far. From inadvertently getting the title due to a national crisis to being the face of a nation on edge – not to mention experiencing the death of his wife – it hasn't been the smoothest fictional Presidency. Kiefer Sutherland confirmed that things won't be much easier on Tom in Season 3, as Designated Survivor shows him coping with his fractured family.

Season 3 of Designated Survivor will also feature some added political tension, as Tom will hit the campaign trail to keep his seat as President of the United States. It's an experience that will be entirely new, considering his original run in the White House only happened because all other potential Presidents were killed during the State of the Union address in Season 1. Will Kirkman keep cool under the pressure of campaigning, or will this be what breaks him?

He'll have some folks to help him, as Designated Survivor has added ER vet Anthony Edwards and Transformers' Julie White to the political drama. Edwards will play Kirkman's new Chief of Staff, who will use his intelligence, wit, and likability to shape the current administration in a way to better suit the President. He'll be at odds with Kirkman's campaign manager Lorraine Zimmer (White), who agreed to the role for the challenge of re-electing an President who was never elected.

All of that combined sounds like a formula for a rather entertaining season, although there's reason to be doubtful. When ABC cancelled Designated Survivor, the network cited creative direction and not ratings as the reason why it opted not to renew it for another season. Of course, Netflix must've known that going in, and may have had the powers that be further develop or retool the season if it felt it was in rough of shape as ABC implied.

Netflix has a solid track record with political dramas, after all, as it is the home to the acclaimed Netflix original House of Cards. While Designated Survivor isn't quite as intense as some of the things that have happened on that show, there's a similarity that may have those who watched HoC on board for Designated Survivor. This could ensure the series has a solid future at Netflix, which isn't as sure of a thing as it once was.

As previously mentioned, Designated Survivor fans will be able to enjoy Season 3 in its entirety beginning Friday, June 7 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Those looking to binge the first two seasons can currently do so at Netflix, and see the full scope of what President Kirkman has gone through so far.

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