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The 100 Will 'Shock The Viewers' With Bellamy And Octavia In Season 6

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Warning: spoilers ahead for the Season 6 premiere of The 100, called "Sanctum."

Hiatuses between seasons of The 100 always feel long thanks to the show's penchant for delivering killer cliffhangers in finales, and the wait for Season 6 was especially suspenseful thanks to the big reveals in the final minutes of Season 5. The refugees from Earth had spent more than a century in cryosleep, Monty and Harper had died of old age, their adult son was manning the ship, and they had finally arrived at a new planet theoretically suitable for a second chance to do the right thing.

Despite the sadness of Monty and Harper's deaths, The 100 ended its fifth season on a surprisingly hopeful note, but the Season 6 premiere confirmed that just because they arrived at a new potential save haven doesn't mean all of their problems from 125 years ago disappeared. They're still the same people who went into cryosleep all those years ago, and the relationships didn't magically get better.

The Blake siblings' relationship was particularly rocky at the end of Season 5. Octavia's act of throwing Bellamy into the fighting pit last season isn't going to be forgotten any time soon, and "Sanctum" revealed that Bellamy can forgive Miller for doing the actual throwing. He can't so easily forgive Octavia for ordering it, and even Echo couldn't talk him into waking Octavia up to bring her along as an expert fighter on the first mission to the new planet.

Luckily, The 100 actors Bob Morley and Marie Avgeropoulos were able to indicate some of what's to come for their characters in Season 6. The actors spoke with CinemaBlend and other press outlets at a fall visit to The 100 set, saying this about Bellamy and Octavia:

Bob Morley: I think the Blake sibling relationship is a real barometer of how Bellamy's feeling in any given season. Where he's going. And I don't think it's something that they can walk away from that easily. That old adage of blood is thicker than water definitely rings true for them, but it's just there's a lot of water under the bridge. It's not something that the two of them would happily walk away from. There's a lot of work to be done.Marie Avgeropoulos: It's an interesting thing that happens between them this season, and it will shock the viewers. I'm really excited for everybody to see.

When The 100 kicked off way back in 2014, Bellamy was only part of the initial group that made it to the ground because he was determined to protect his younger sister. Even as they grew to develop other relationships and dynamics -- Bellamy with Clarke and Echo, Octavia with Lincoln and Indra, for example -- they were always connected. Well, Octavia throwing Bellamy in the fighting pit where it was entirely possible that he would be brutally killed isn't going to be forgotten any time soon.

Still, given all of Bellamy and Octavia's history together, fans probably aren't surprised by the idea that the characters would put in the work to repair their relationship as much as possible. Something will happen, however, that will shock viewers, according to Marie Avgeropoulos.

The premiere was shocking enough in its own way, with Bellamy's group on the ground of the new planet discovering that it won't be the peaceful haven they hoped and Octavia's fury at Kane leading to a confrontation so intense that it took a physical toll. Combined with his existing injuries, the physical toll was so great that Abby had to put him back into cryosleep in the hope of finding a way to fix him.

Fans may have a while to wait before finding out about this "interesting thing" that will shock regarding Bellamy and Octavia's relationship. Bellamy, Clarke, and Co. are currently stuck on the ground and in a very dangerous position, whereas Octavia is stuck in the sky with a bunch of sleeping friends and enemies, not in the best head space.

Bob Morley explained that fans shouldn't expect Bellamy and Octavia to be buddies again too soon, saying this:

It takes some time to even be able to address the situation between the two of them, and I think they both have a lot of their own healing they have to do before they can even start to speak to each other on terms where it's amicable, the ability for it to grow into a more healthy relationship. It's never really been a healthy relationship.

Let it not be said that the Blake siblings make their relationship easy! The Season 6 premiere kept them deliberately separate, as Bellamy refused to let her be woken from her cryosleep, and Octavia only woke up because Niylah went against Abby's orders. Neither sibling may even have the time to dwell on what went wrong between them and how they can go about fixing it for a while.

Given how Emori violently attacked Murphy due to the effects of the planet and the picture book Bellamy found detailing the dangers of this new world, Bellamy has more pressing concerns than his little sister. As for Octavia... well, she may not handle being contained in one place very well after her years under the floor on The Ark and then trapped in the bunker for so long. Plus, that whole cannibalism thing.

Octavia may make life on the ship very difficult for herself and others, although she could come in handy sooner rather than later if some newcomers make it to their ship. The relationship between Bellamy and Octavia probably needs to be set aside for now. Marie Avgeropoulos elaborated on why the unhealthy relationships are fun on The 100:

That's the fun part about The 100. It's all these all these unhealthy relationships and how people cope. Of course, Bellamy dating and becoming very close with Echo has been challenging for Octavia. A few seasons ago, she threw Octavia off a cliff. So that's pretty hard to accept as your potential sister-in-law. It's not just a little argument.

Anybody with a brother or sister can probably relate to the Blake siblings having ups and downs in their relationship, but most probably haven't been thrown off cliffs by their sibling's significant other. As much as Bellamy has a justifiable issue with Octavia for throwing him in the pit, Octavia's issues with Bellamy getting cozy with Echo are quite valid, based on what she knows. She didn't spend years getting to know Echo in space, after all!

Hey, nobody watches The 100 for the healthy, well-adjusted relationships, right? It should be intriguing to see how the show handles Bellamy and Octavia separately, together, and in relation to each other throughout Season 6. Viewers will apparently be shocked at some point; hopefully the shock just doesn't involve one of them dying. The 100 has already been renewed for Season 7, and it would be a shame to lose either Blake.

To see what's in store next for Bellamy and Octavia, tune in to The CW on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET for new episodes of The 100.

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