Why Is Grey's Anatomy Reviving The Owen, Amelia, Teddy Love Triangle When It Finally Feels Resolved?

Who is Owen Hunt planning to tell "I love you" in Grey's Anatomy Season 15? It'd better not be Amelia or Teddy, since they both deserve and currently have better.

Grey's Anatomy is apparently not done with the Owen, Amelia, Teddy love triangle, even though it finally feels resolved. Owen Hunt is now in therapy, where he belongs. Amelia Shepherd is in a new relationship with the handsome and thoughtful Atticus "Link" Lincoln. Teddy Altman is in a new relationship the witty, thoughtful, and yeah I'll call him handsome Tom Koracick.

It's possible we're being led down a false trail with that line from Owen in Grey's Anatomy Season 15, Episode 23, the first half of the dramatic Station 19 crossover event. Owen was back in therapy, amazed to feel like it was working:

I feel clear on what it is I want, and I don’t feel guilty that I’m gonna try to get it, and that’s some kind of a miracle. ... I wanna feel perfectly clear when I tell her I love her.

OK, who is "her"? Is he talking about Amelia or Teddy? Or even Cristina? That would be funny to see a one-way phone conversation where he declared his love to Cristina. I doubt it, but still.

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Maybe Owen doesn't even mean romantic love. He could mean his sister Megan, or some other familial love. However, Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson Avery, directed the episode and he did preview more to come from this love triangle. Here's what he told TV Guide:

I'm really excited about the Owen, Teddy, and Amelia triangle. We've got some really great scenes with them and that really develops.

It's possible Owen is leaning toward Amelia, despite Amelia warning Tom that Owen and Teddy would always go back to each other. Caterina Scorsone did preview the Season 15 finale as having an almost romantic comedy-like humor for Amelia. I can picture her trying to balance both Link and Owen.

If you're a fan of Owen with either woman, you could make your arguments. Owen has unfinished business with both Teddy and Amelia. Teddy is currently heavily pregnant with Owen's baby. She moved to Seattle from her perfect Germany apartment to be with Owen. However, when she arrived, Owen had already started back up with Amelia. Owen has baby Leo, and Amelia is already part of Leo's life. They were a little family together.

Episode 23, "What I Did for Love," showed Owen connecting with both Teddy and Amelia, purposely letting us wonder which woman he might be trying to win back. But Grey's Anatomy has done a good job of giving Amelia and Teddy better options -- men who put them first. And Owen needs to focus on his relationship with himself. Therapy was a long time coming.

The May 9 episode is called "Drawn to the Blood" and then the Episode 25 season finale is "Jump into the Fog," which follows a literal fog covering Seattle. Yes, another weather finale. ABC has yet to officially renew Grey's Anatomy for Season 16, but we know it's coming, and Caterina Scorsone said the finale might include some hilarious teases to the 2019-2020 season.

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