Rick And Morty + Kanye West = Season 4 Thing That Could Happen

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No one should expect a normal answer when someone hits up on the question "What's the latest thing Rick and Morty's Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland have done?" Not now, and not ever, but especially not now, as it's gone public that Harmon and Roiland have publicly offered rap mega-star Kanye West a chance to join Season 4 (or a future season) in a very special way.

Basically, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland put an offer on the table for Kanye West to join the team for his very own Rick and Morty installment, which I assume would be called a Ye-pisode. Here's how the duo answered when asked if West, a self-proclaimed R&M superfan, could possibly be included in the show's future:

Roiland: Oh, I mean I dunno. Hang out and have him do a voice. Whatever. Kanye...anytime. Harmon: We'll give him an episode. I'm making it official. We have 70! He can have one. Kanye, you can have an episode. Roiland: Come in, hang out, write a Rick and Morty episode with us. It'll be the Kanye episode. I'm so down.

Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland's conversation with The Blast started off with such broad views as "We fucking love, Kanye, man," and then less than a minute later, Harmon was essentially putting a pen and paper in Kanye West's hands. I mean, West likely doesn't do his screenwriting on pen and paper, and probably has a telepathic link to any number of word processors.

The point is, Kanye West was granted his own Rick and Morty episode in less time than it takes to name his last five singles. Whether or not that's great news, so-so news, or an atrocity to all that is humane depends on where one fits into the spectrum of Ye's fandom. (And Rick and Morty's, to the same end.)

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For those whose favorite musician and TV show are the Grammy-winning Kanye West and the Emmy-winning Rick and Morty, respectively, then this news likely indicates a match made in a heaven-shaped place. West has a lot of...unique thoughts and urges happening on a daily basis, and it's easy to think that the unbridled freedom of Rick and Morty and Adult Swim would allow him to tackle whatever subject matter he fancied.

For anyone who loves Rick and Morty but doesn't enjoy Kanye West's music, this concept still holds potential. After all, there are probably Rick and Morty fans out there who didn't like Dan Harmon's Community, so it's safe to assume that just entering Rick and Morty's universe makes everything that much better.

Kanye West music diehards who don't like Rick and Morty are probably getting the shortest end of the stick here. (Minus those who don't like either Ye or R&M, but it doesn't seem like those people would be reading this story with much interest.) I suppose it would be a unique novelty for rap-minded fans to see West's wild imagination come to life through scatological science fiction.

Speaking to the science-y part of things, here is Justin Roiland's assessment of Kanye West's brain-space.

If that guy had the support to do all the ideas he has in his head, it would be Elon Musk 2.0

Rick and Morty isn't the only TV venture that Kanye West would be attached to in the near future. (I mean, beyond his appearances on Keeping Up with the Kardashians.) There's that new project Omniverse, in which Jaden Smith will be playing a younger version of West, which is meant to thematically focus on the subconscious and the ego. Actually, I kind of want that show to be part of Rick and Morty Season 4 now. Is it too late?

Will the stars align for Kanye West to actually get his own Rick and Morty episode in Season 4, or is this all just a very weird...rrrrrrrrpp...pipe dream, Morty? As Dan Harmon said, the show got a 70-episode order from Adult Swim, so it's not like they don't have room to fit in whatever bizarro ideas get thrown around.

As it was recently announced, Rick and Morty will return to Adult Swim for Season 4 in November 2019, with a more specific date to be announced later. That's around two years after Season 3 debuted (not counting the April Fools Day premiere), so expect fans to be anxious.

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