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The Voice: Was Maelyn Jarmon's Chilling Performance Of 'Hallelujah' Enough To Make Her Season 16's Champion?

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the first night of The Voice's Season 16 finale. Read at your own risk!

The battle between The Voice's four finalists was fierce in the Season 16 penultimate episode, as each contestant seemed to up the competition with each successive performance. After a night of building quality the crescendo finally hit in the final performance in which Maelyn Jarmon took the stage to perform Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah." As talented singers often do when singing the popular song, she brought the house down, but did she secure America's votes to win it all?

The Voice has had its fair share of incredible performances over the years, and that performance by Maelyn Jarmon certainly felt like one of them. The crowd in attendance seemed to agree as they all roared in approval and cheers even more raucous than the usual praise often awarded to a solid performer in the singing competition.

For as loud as the audience was, few were as loud and proud as Coach John Legend. Legend was thrilled to see his team member stun the rest of the coaches and the audience following that performance, and quickly hopped on social media after the show to remind The Voice viewers at home what they need to do now.

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Others on social media praised Maelyn Jarmon's performance following the performance, so it's quite possible she got an uptick of votes in the minutes following The Voice going off-air. On YouTube the view counts from her performances are also hitting numbers that exceed the view counts of Gyth Rigdon, Andrew Sevener, and Dexter Roberts combined. That's no guarantee the votes will swing her way in the finale, of course, but it is promising.

As American Idol fans can attest to The Voice faithful, however, even fan favorites like Maelyn Jarmon can be toppled in the finale. As much praise as she's gotten this season, Gyth Rigdon, Andrew Sevener, and Dexter Roberts have all fought to be there just as hard, and have their own community of fans that will vote to see them on top.

Maelyn Jarmon does have some potential advantages ahead of The Voice finale, however, that may ensure she doesn't end up second banana in a competition many favor her to win. As the only female left in the competition, she's somewhat in a league of her own. Comparitively, Dexter Houser and Andrew Sevener may split the vote of country fans, which just leaves Gyth Rigdon as someone who could steal the win.

Will Maelyn Jarmon be The Voice's champion? The finale continues on NBC Tuesday beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend after the competition for more on the season, and other big stories in the world of movies, television, and pop culture.

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