Why The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown Doesn't Think She 'Fits The Mold' Of Past Stars

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Fans are just a few weeks into Hannah Brown's run on Season 15 off The Bachelorette, and there have already been signs that proving ABC's Senior Vice President of Reality TV Rob Mills wasn't kidding when he said she wasn't like past contestants. As for what Brown thinks sets her apart from the women that have come before, she essentially revealed that what makes her different is her comfort with herself and her willingness to let the cameras and audiences see that. She noted:

I don’t really fit the mold. I don’t always react the same way to things that a normal Bachelorette would. I make mistakes and I own up to them, and I think that’s what makes me relatable to the audience. We’re not always looking 100 percent; we don't always have the perfect thing to say to every experience that we go through, and that’s what you’ll see. I’m not always going to say the right thing. I’m going to have an emotional journey, and you’ll see all of the different emotions, and I’m OK with that. I think I’ve learned to love my flaws and accept that that’s what makes me me.

Basically, Hannah Brown thinks she's real, and after seeing some of her emotions on The Bachelorette so far, some fans may be inclined to agree. She hasn't been afraid to wear her emotions on her sleeve in the early episodes, and already had a tearful rose ceremony not all that long into the season. As she told THR though, this is an emotional journey, so she's going to be emotional.

Some people may think Hannah's behavior so far is overdramatic, but to put things in perspective, she's tasked with finding a soulmate and trying to carry on relationships with 30 men. That sounds a lot more daunting than the show's title The Bachelorette implies, and would probably make most people who attempted the same thing come off like a bundle of nerves.

Which may be why The Bachelorette's top brass have been touting Hannah Brown as one of the show's most relatable leads to date. Specifically, producer Nicole Woods told THR Hannah's ability to earnestly treat each contestant as a viable option and think through decisions without being influenced by others is a big plus. Woods agreed Brown's not afraid of her feelings, which makes her all the more compelling to the camera, and The Bachelorette audience.

A great example of this would be Hannah Brown's recent conversation with the increasingly controversial Luke P, whose confidence and somewhat aggressive pursuit of Brown had become a turn off to her. Brown pulled him aside to remind him that the bond they've formed doesn't mean he's won The Bachelorette, and his confidence in it has become irritating for her. Luke P tried to flip the script and interject, but Brown shut him down, as you can see.

You gotta love the honesty, or perhaps, realness of Hannah Brown in that moment. While it may lead to dramatic moments, at least it appears the bulk of the drama on The Bachelorette Season 15 won't exist solely in the stories these contestants' exes have to tell!

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