Bachelorette's Luke Parker Posts Message To Fans Before 'Psychopath' Episode

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Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette is just getting started, but already one guy is getting a lot of attention: Luke Parker. He's the first guy Hannah met, right on The Bachelor's "After the Final Rose" episode, and he's really intense about Hannah. Super intense. The promo for Episode 4, which also teased what comes later in the season, suggests Luke P. not only sticks around, he gets increasingly aggressive against the other guys.

The promo for the June 3 Bachelorette episode appears to show Mike Johnson calling out Luke P., while Luke makes the face shown in the photo above:

You're violent, you're aggressive. You are a psychopath.

We see Hannah B. sit down with Luke P. to ask him this:

Why does every single guy here dislike you?

After that, Mike's voice-over shares this assessment:

We all know that Luke P. is an evil pathological liar.

Then we see Luke Stone address Luke Parker:

Let me just tell you, man, karma is a bitch and you're gonna get yours.

Then we go back to Mike vs. Luke, with that conversation shown this way, with the camera panning down to show Luke P.'s clenched fist:

Mike: Your story has changed. I feel like you think that I am a threat to you because I am the biggest threat against you right now.Luke P.: I'm not threatened by anybody, especially not you.

That whole thing made Luke P. look bad, and the rest of the promo for what's coming up later on the season also showed Luke P. getting angry and aggressive.

Well, Luke Parker noticed that Luke Parker is getting the villain edit this season. He posted an Instagram message to viewers, acknowledging his "flaws" and saying it's hard for him to watch himself on The Bachelorette but it's giving him "a great opportunity to grow and mature as a man":

A photo posted by on

Here's the full “psychopath” promo for what's next and in the rest of Bachelorette Hannah's season:

Phew! That's a lot. The Bachelor and Bachelorette promos are notoriously deceptive, but there's enough full footage there to show Luke P. does get heated and he does seem to be unpopular in the house. It doesn't sound like he's going anywhere anytime soon, as shown by ABC in the promo for what's coming later. (You can also check out spoilers if you want to see how long he and others last on the show.)

Last week, The Bachelorette saw the surprise blink-and-you-missed-it departure of Tyler G. but Hannah still has another Tyler in the house, as well as many more bachelors. Season 15, Episode 4 sounds like it's going to be quite dramatic and it airs Monday, June 3 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, as one of the many shows now playing through summer 2019.

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