The Bachelorette Spoilers: Will Luke P. Ruin Hannah's Chance For Happiness In Season 15?

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Spoilers ahead for the June 3 episode of The Bachelorette Season 15.

The courtship of Hannah Brown is getting more and more intense on The Bachelorette as she narrows down which of her dashing suitors she actually can see a future with. In the June 3 episode, Hannah had 15 guys to choose from, and she seemed to have a pretty great time while out on the actual dates. When exposed to the behind-the-scenes drama between Luke S. and Luke P., however, her good mood was pretty clearly ruined.

The source of the drama is definitely Luke P. at this point, which raises the question: could he ruin her chance at happiness in Season 15?

Now, I'm perfectly aware that viewers generally have different favorites when it comes to the Bachelor franchise, and Luke P. isn't universally unpopular just because the rest of the guys in Hannah's season of The Bachelorette hate him.

Fans on social media won't be the ones to settle Hannah on who to choose, and not just because filming is already finished. But the fact that the rest of the guys in Hannah's season hate Luke P. is a big part of why Luke P.'s presence could ruin her chance at happiness. Throw in his sketchy behavior, and poor Hannah's search for love might not be any happier than it was when she was trying to win Colton's heart on his season of The Bachelor.

Luke P. was already being named as a "psychopath" ahead of the June 3 episode, and he even posted a message to fans before the episode aired. While the episode unsurprisingly revealed that the "psychopath" accusation was more than a little melodramatic, it's hard to blame the guys for not wanting Luke P. around. For the group date, Hannah had her suitors playing rugby, and it got rough between the two Lukes.

Luke P. went hard at Luke S., and although he claimed it was self-defense, pretty much nobody believed him. Even Hannah looked upset when it first happened. She didn't hold it against Luke P. It was enough for the guys to gang up on Luke P. at the cocktail party, though.

When chatting with Hannah, he kinda sorta apologized, but he also distracted her by saying that Luke S. never talks about her and instead talks up his liquor brand for the camera. When she asked Luke S. about it, he told her that a lot of the guys weren't happy about Luke P., and that Luke P. had misled her about the liquor brand.

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Luke S. ultimately asked Luke P. to tell Hannah that he was there for the right reasons rather than for self-promotion, and Luke P. uncharacteristically agreed because he wouldn't have wanted to be in Luke S.' shoes.

Instead of doing that, though, Luke P. went to Hannah and said that Luke S. told him to put in a good word with Hannah and convince her that he was there for the right reasons. Luke S. looks untrustworthy and shallow based on what Luke P. had to say, and Hannah isn't ready to see through Luke P.

The episode ended with Hannah sitting down with both Lukes to figure out what to do next. While spoilers do give away what her choice probably will be, there's no saying if Luke P.'s presence poisoned the atmosphere among the men to the point that there will be no more bonding or civility. If he sticks around and doesn't change his ways, a lot of the fun could be lost to total distrust and competition. We'll have to wait and see.

New episodes of The Bachelorette air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, although next week's episode will air on a new night.

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