David Tennant's Next TV Show After Good Omens Sounds Like A Heartbreaker

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You can currently see David Tennant in Amazon’s Good Omens (which CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable called “A+ magic” for fans of the novel). Following that project's release by mere days, Tennant has signed on for his next big TV show, and it's as far away from the Amazon series as you can probably think to get. Entitled Deadwater Fell, the crime drama sounds like a serious heartbreaker. Here is what you need to know about the surprisingly lengthy longline.

The Good Omens actor and former Doctor Who star will co-lead the four-part Deadwater Fell in the role of Tom, a local doctor who works in a “sleepy” village in Scotland. He is married to a primary school teacher, Kate, and the couple has three kids. One night, however, their happiness comes to an abrupt end after a forest fire is ignited.

Following the blaze, Tom’s wife and all three children are found dead, while the surviving Tom is subsequently taken to the hospital. Not much longer after, however, it becomes clear that Tom’s family were not killed as a result of the fire. Dun dun dun!

Suspicion is soon generated, and Tom’s fingerprints put him at the center of it. However, other persons of interest also emerge, of course. Kate’s best friend, Jess, is determined to get to the truth, and is willing to put everything at risk to uncover the secrets that led to such a tragic crime.

The script was apparently a massive draw to David Tennant, who had this to say about starring in Channel 4's Deadwater Fell:

Daisy Coulam has written something very special, chilling and fascinating with these scripts. I am honoured and delighted to be part of telling this extraordinary story.

David Tennant is no stranger to crime dramas. He starred in all three seasons of the ITV murder mystery (and then courtroom drama and then serial rapist mystery) Broadchurch, wherein he played D.I. Alec Hardy. Deadwater Fell takes him from playing an investigator to portraying a suspect. That will be a unique change of pace for him. The new show sounds like it should fall right into the same tonal sensibilities of Broadchurch.

When it comes to playing darker roles, David Tennant has not shied away. He played the villain Kilgrave on Netflix’s Jessica Jones, though Tennant will not be reprising that role for the series’ third and final season, despite earlier hints.

Again, it is super important to mention the magnificent miniseries Secret Smile. Like David Tennant’s new series, it is also a crime drama where he is front and center. It is on Amazon Prime. So, when you get done binging Good Omens, Secret Smile is worth checking out, in my opinion. Now back to Deadwater Fell.

Cush Jumbo of The Good Fight (which is heading to CBS proper) will star as Jess, the friend of Tom’s wife who is trying to find answers, while Anna Madeley of The Crown will play Kate, Tom's wife. The Terror’s Matthew McNulty stars as Steve, Jess’ romantic partner and the village’s Police Sergeant.

Deadwater Fell comes from Grantchester and Humans writer Daisy Coulam. David Tennant will executive produce the mini, alongside Coulam, Humans’ Emma Kingsman-Lloyd, and Utopia’s Karen Wilson. Beecham House’s Caroline Levy will produce. The Boy with the Topknot’s Lindsey Miller will direct the series.

A release date for Deadwater Fell was not announced, so stay tuned for that and any news of how U.S. audiences might get their eyes on the drama. As the summer television season ends, curious minds could know more. You can currently check David Tennant having the best chemistry ever with Michael Sheen (also of The Good Fight) on Good Omens via Amazon.

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