Looks Like Jessica Jones Season 3 Is Bringing Kilgrave Back

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Update: In March 2019, David Tennant confirmed that he will not actually be a part of Jessica Jones Season 3.

In case you missed it, Jessica Jones is heading for its third and final season. But, the Netflix series will not be coming to an end without one character coming back – Kilgrave. At least, that is what Jessica Jones’ showrunner and creator, Melissa Rosenberg, hinted at in a recent tweet. Check it out below:

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Interesting! Melissa Rosenberg is heavily implying, if not all out confirming that Jessica Jones’ nemesis, Kilgrave will return for Season 3. Details as to how he will make his return remain a mystery.

It is an intriguing tease for fans as they await the third season of the superhero drama. Kilgrave had a prominent presence in Jessica Jones’ first season. He was eventually killed off, but later appeared in Season 2 in a hallucinatory form which Jessica saw. How he will appear in Season 3 is anyone’s guess at this point.

As fans learned over the weekend, Season 3 will be the Netflix series’ last, following its cancellation. The news coincided with the announcement that The Punisher had also been cancelled along with Jessica Jones. Following the declaration, Melissa Rosenberg posted this message for fans on Twitter:

To all JJ’s fans and followers, thanks for your support! What an extraordinary rid[e] it’s been! So much gratitude to K Ritter et al. We’ll be going out with a bang for our last 13 eps when they air. Can’t wait for you to see them! Xom

Melissa Rosenberg’s heartfelt response to the cancellation news mentions the show’s endgame. There will be 13 episodes in the final season. More than enough time to tell a quality ending story and bring Kilgrave back to wreak whatever havoc he can.

When the ride of Jessica Jones will reach its exit is unknown at this time. While Netflix announced its cancellation, they did not mention when fans can expect Season 3 to bow. Season 2 premiered in 2018, almost three years after Season 1 debuted.

It is unlikely Jessica Jones fans will have as long a wait in store for Season 3. In a post on Instagram, Jessica Jones’ star Krysten Ritter mentioned Season 3 rolling out “later this year.” Accordingly, the best fans have to work with at this time regarding a release date is before the end of 2019.

Adding to the tension is that Season 2, apparently, did not feature the last times that Jessica Jones would see Kilgrave. Having him reappear in any form will bring the show somewhat full circle. He was a large part of Season 1’s mythos and he rippled through that of Season 2. How much fans can expect to see from the villain in the new episodes remains to be seen.

If it were a super huge spoiler, you would think that Melissa Rosenberg would not have mentioned anything. It is a detail that may hint at Kilgrave making an appearance early on in Season 3, as opposed to showing up down the line. If that were the case, it might be considered more of a spoiler.

Time will tell how Kilgrave makes his return to Jessica Jones and how long it lasts. The first two seasons of the Marvel series are currently streaming on Netflix, among many other shows. While you wait for Season 3 to arrive sometime this year, a lot of new TV content awaits during the midseason.

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