Lucifer Showrunner Confirms How Long Netflix's Final Season Will Be

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It's already been a big year for Lucifer fans, with Netflix showcasing its own angelic qualities by giving fans Season 4 in the aftermath of the drama's cancellation at Fox. Due to the show's reportedly instant popularity, the streaming giant quickly announced that Season 5 was also on the way, though that was coupled with the unfortunate news that it would also be the final season.

Bad news be damned, though, because fans are still pumped that Lucifer gets to continue deepening its dark and religious-ish mythology. (Especially after that wild Season 4 finale.) The big question, of course, is how much more viewers will get to see from Tom Ellis' dashing devil. Thankfully, showrunner Ildy Modrovich took the time to deliver a confirmed answer on that front via social media.

There you have it, Lucifans. For now, at least, Lucifer will take another ten episodes to bring the hellfire and brimstone to Netflix subscribers in earnest. That number might not come off as too much of a shock, considering it's the same number of episodes Netflix ordered up for Season 4. But considering Netflix has gotten somewhat looser with episode counts fairly recently, it's at least feasible Lucifer might have gotten a larger episode count that matched one of its seasons on Fox.

In any case, fans now get to start speculating about what in the world (or not in this world) Tom Ellis' Lucifer will get into when Season 5 kicks off. Without going too deep into spoilery topics, we do know that things are going to get a HELL of a lot hotter for all the main characters, now that Lucifer made his grand return to the underworld to regain command over the hordes of demons there.

Some demons had already broken out into the real world near the end of Season 4, so it'll be interesting to see how the show handles that threat in the final season. Here's hoping Tom Ellis gets to deliver some of his most engaging and magnetic performances yet. Even more killer makeup and special effects would do the trick, too. Bring it on, Netflix!

To be sure, there is the slightest of slight chances that Lucifer could possibly live on beyond Season 5, though it would likely be a while before anything official got confirmed. Fans recently joined up on a petition aimed to convince another network or streaming service to step in and save Lucifer from another cancellation damnation. It's doing well enough at the moment, with over 51,000 signatures, though it's hard to gauge if it'll have a large effect on the show's future.

For what it's worth, showrunner Ildy Modrovich shared her own opinions about the petition after an initially quiet period. She said she'd been torn on the issue, as she obviously has a very important job to do in crafting a fifth season that fans will embrace. But in the same breath, Modrovich would also love to keep working with the talented cast and crew for as long as possible. Maybe Netflix will reconsider its stance at some point?

In any case, Ildy Modrovich has been extremely grateful to the show's fanbase for being so fervent about wanting it to continue, as seen in the tweet below.

While Netflix used to be in the business of giving the majority of its original series 13-episode seasons, the financial and narrative ramifications (plus a lot of negative customer reactions) have seemingly convinced Netflix's execs that less can feel like more in cases like this. Granted, Lucifer's semi-procedural nature makes it easier to extend seasons, which is why shows like NCIS and Law & Order: SVU are still churning out 20+ episodes a season while other higher-concept dramas opt for shorter seasons.

Are you guys happy to get at least ten more episodes of Lucifer in 2020? Where do you think the show would work best if it got renewed somewhere else? Let us know in the comments.

Lucifer's first four seasons are currently available to stream in full on Netflix right now, and the streaming service has a lot of other great shows on the way soon.

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