Lucifer Renewed For Fifth And Final Season On Netflix, And Tom Ellis Will See Fans 'In Hell'

Lucifer fans were on a hellish ride for a while after Fox gave the series the axe, but Netflix swooped in with a heavenly reprieve in the form of a renewal for Season 4. The fourth season premiered back in May, and the big question was whether the fourth season would also be the last.

Well, Netflix came out with some great news for fans: Lucifer has been renewed for a fifth and final season. Star Tom Ellis had a perfectly devilish reaction to the news, as well as a message for fans. Take a look:

Tom Ellis did confirm to CinemaBlend ahead of Season 4 that the cast would be on board for a Season 5, so it was seemingly up to Netflix to make the final call.

While some fans may be slightly bummed that the renewal comes with a final ending, Netflix has given the axe to many series before they hit a fifth season, and there were no guarantees that we would ever find out what happened after that hellish cliffhanger. Well, according to Tom Ellis, he'll see us in Hell!

His promise that he'll see us "in Hell" is appropriate, and not just because Hell has been a prominent theme in the TV show about the devil. Season 4 ended with Lucifer making the difficult decision to return to Hell and keep the demons in line. Only an angel can command the demons of Hell, and they already began breaking into Earth in the fourth season.

They went so far as to kidnap Amenadiel and Linda's newborn baby, as a half-angel would be just angelic enough to qualify as ruler of Hell, and his infancy meant that the demons would have time to mold them into the kind of ruler who would let them do what they want.

Despite his desire to stay on Earth and the love confession (and kiss) in his final moments with Chloe, Lucifer with his fluffy white wings left Earth behind. The final shot of Lucifer in Season 4 was him atop his throne in Hell, looking determined but not exactly overjoyed at the development.

While that would have been an ending that was at least less infuriating than the ending of Season 3, when Fox cancelled Lucifer, fans surely don't want to see the series end for good with Lucifer back in Hell, Chloe devastated at his departure, and no shortage of loose ends to tie up.

Hopefully the early news that the fifth season will also be the final means that everybody at Lucifer will take the time to bring the show to a satisfying conclusion.

Unfortunately, the renewal announcement and video courtesy of the Lucifer Twitter account didn't include a premiere date or even premiere window, so we'll have to wait for news about when to expect the final season.

Season 4 delivered some raciness that definitely wouldn't have flown on Fox, although it didn't go so far as to include any F-bombs or full-frontal nudity. Even that nudist colony episode got around showing anything too explicit! What will Season 5 have in store?

For now, you can catch the full series of Lucifer so far -- including the first three seasons that aired on Fox -- streaming on Netflix, as well as many other options now and in the not-too-distant future.

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