Lucifer Fans Already Started A Petition To Save The Show From Netflix For Season 6

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Don't ever let anyone tell you that Lucifer fans aren't some of the most vocal and protest-ready TV viewers out there. A month after Season 4 premiered on Netflix, which so graciously saved Lucifer from Fox's much maligned cancellation, the streaming giant announced the devious crime drama would get a fifth and final season to air in 2020. Now, just under a week later, people are already petitioning the future-set cancellation.

That's right, months ahead of any point where Lucifer's cast and crew could possibly reconvene to work on a nudity-friendly fifth season, a growing number of fans are already calling for another studio, network or digital platform to step up and save Lucifer from its latest forecast. The petition was started five days ago in the aftermath of Netflix's Season 5 announcement, and it's already up to 12,054 signers and counting. That's well on its way to hitting the 15,000 required to make it a more legit petition.

Many of the comments on the petition are basically calling for more episodes from the talented writers and cast members, saying that it deserves at least three seasons from Netflix. That's around what Netflix is used to giving shows, at any rate, so for it to only order two seasons is apparently a slap in the face to some.

Alas, the chances of any other entity stepping up to take on a sixth season of Lucifer is all but impossible, especially in the nearest future. For one thing, Lucifer will still belong to Netflix for at least as long as it takes to produce and release Season 5, which is likely around a year or so. Thus, there wouldn't be much of a point for other networks to try and get invested yet.

After that, it becomes another rights issue tied to how long Netflix's exclusive window with Lucifer is. None of the Marvel characters from Netflix's shows, such as Daredevil or Luke Cage, can reportedly be used by another TV series for at least two years after the respective shows' finales. If the same would hold true for Lucifer, that would mean no studio could start work on a potential Season 6 until some point in 2022. Such far-off dates may be the norm in the film industry, but television moves much more quickly.

Lucifer Cast Reacts To The Season 5 Renewal From Netflix

Of course, if recent stats could be proven true, Lucifer could well be one of Netflix's most popular dramas at the moment. Reports put it at the top of the mountain when it comes to which Netflix shows are getting binged the most in recent weeks. It's likely that the show found itself a host of new viewers from the first three seasons being available to stream on Netflix.

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As viewers learned soon after getting into Season 4, this first season on Netflix is slightly more adult than those that aired on Fox, though not in every way. There may be some choice nudity popping up – poor phrasing – but the language is clean and the effects didn't go full HBO in pure explicitness.

Outside of Lucifer, Netflix did drop some significant renewal news this week for the highly acclaimed comedy Russian Doll from star Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland. The time-resetting series earned itself a second season, which will likely hit the service in 2020. On the flip side, fans are wondering if Netflix will give the headline-grabbing Black Mirror a sixth season, or if the negative reactions to Season 5 will make the execs balk.

Lucifer Seasons 1-4 are currently available to stream on Netflix in their entireties. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for any and all updates worth our readers' attention, such as any surprise Season 6 renewals that come down the pipeline.

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