The Bachelorette Hannah Brown Defends Herself Against Critical Viewers

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Bachelorette Hannah Brown is breaking out her Hannah Beast mode in defense of herself and her men on The Bachelorette Season 15. She's a little more than halfway through her 2019 drama and it has taken a toll on her, on and off screen. Bachelor Nation viewers -- like all reality TV viewers -- tend to get very vocal on social media, and many have hit up Hannah's own Instagram to let her know they disapprove of this or that decision. Basically every decision. She's had it.

Here's the frustrated post Bachelorette Hannah shared on June 26, basically telling fans to stay in their lanes:

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I love that she shared a beautiful sunny photo with her post. Bachelorette Hannah Brown has gotten very comfortable speaking her mind. She's a "hot mess on a stick," as she called herself on Instagram, but her fans love that she's honest and relatable -- open about her flaws, and far from perfect, but always trying to grow.

The Bachelorette 2019 viewers have been very judgmental about Hannah's decisions, especially when it comes to keeping Luke P. around. However, there are viewers on the other side who seem to agree with Luke P. on "shaming" Hannah for getting intimate with guys in the house. So she's getting insults from both sides, just from The Luke P. Show alone. Then there are the new gossip reports about Jed Wyatt having an alleged girlfriend back home right before he came on the show. (He already admitted to Hannah that he only signed up for the show to promote his music career.)

So fans have been spending a lot of time attacking Luke P. and Jed, in addition to their attacks on Hannah.

Everything in life is a trade-off, and Bachelorette Hannah knew what she was signing up for with another season on ABC after The Bachelor. But to have people lashing out at her -- and her faith -- in her own Instagram comments seems like crossing a personal line.

Interestingly enough, Bachelorette Hannah's fellow Bachelor 2019 contestant Caelynn Miller-Keyes posted something in a similar vein when they were both on Colton Underwood's season. Caelynn and Hannah had their own pageant history together, which left them in a not-so-good place, but they seemed to make up after The Bachelor. It's possible the ugliness of putting up with insults from Bachelor Nation fans brought them together. Here's what Caelynn wrote back in March:

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Unfortunately, getting death threats is common for reality TV contestants. The Bachelor alum Olivia Caridi said on her podcast that she was getting messages that she should kill herself and wasn't worthy to live. She said she had suicidal thoughts after the show aired.

Big Brother Season 21 just started over on CBS, and those houseguests will be going through something similar. Paul Abrahamian was a controversial two-time Big Brother player, and he talked to the Washington Post about getting told to kill himself, among other insults.

I’m most fascinated that regular viewers treat houseguests so poorly. If harassing people on a TV show . . . is ultimately entertainment for you, I don’t know what that says about modern society.

It's good to remember the people we see on TV are indeed real people, not actors playing characters. (Not that you should tear down actors playing characters either.) Nasty social media posts and internet comments have become an accepted part of our modern culture. We all have opinions about what we watch, but there's no need to comment or tag the person on TV to judge his or her choices because you wouldn't have done that exact thing.

Bachelorette Hannah was open in her post about blowing it a few times, and hoping to grow from her failures. The Bachelorette's "villain" Luke P., aka Luke Parker, also posted about it being hard to watch himself on TV. He acknowledged his own flaws, and said he hopes to use the experience to grow as a man.

The Bachelorette Season 15 continues Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC, and it will be followed by more Bachelor Nation drama with the summer spinoff Bachelor in Paradise Season 6.

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