Chris Harrison Confirms Bachelorette Spoilers About Hannah's Sex Fight With Luke P.

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Luke P. has already caused a lot of drama on Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, but now Chris Harrison seems to have confirmed that even more is coming. And, it sounds like it definitely has to do with the clip we've been seeing of Hannah telling someone "I've had sex and Jesus still loves me." Oh, Luke, this one is going to be hard to get past, bro.

According to The Bachelor franchise host Chris Harrison, who spoke with Entertainment Tonight about what's still to come on Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, she and Luke will eventually get around to having a real conversation, i.e., one that doesn't center on him telling her she's the woman of his dreams as she begs him to tell her how all the trouble in the house that's centered on him makes him feel. And, because there seems to be no easy road for these two, this conversation will center on religion and faith.

While they actually begin to form a real bond over sharing this aspect of their lives and finally having something other than a blazing hot attraction to each other in common, as Chris Harrison tells it, this conversation might help lead to their downfall.

Ironically enough, faith is what brought them together and his faith and his conservative values might be their biggest sticking point and become the biggest divide between them. Yes, obviously, we are setting something up down the road that will come to a head, where their faith and their values start to conflict, and how they perceive this case, it’s interesting how they have very similar values, but very differing opinions on how to apply them to life.

Uh oh. Alright, if you've been paying attention to The Bachelorette this season, you will know that Hannah has had a rough road with Luke While he announced to her and the whole world (including all the other guys vying for her affection) that he was beginning to fall in love with her within hours of arriving at the mansion, and they shared a hot and heavy make-out session a few episodes ago, things are really not going well for the potential couple.

In the most recent episode, the entire final half hour was dedicated to the one-on-one date between Hannah and Luke which happened amid all the allegations from other guys in the house that Luke is a "psychopath," among other terrible things no one wants to date. Hannah has admitted over the course of the show that she sees some "red flags" with regards to his behavior, but still can't fathom why all the other men appear to hate him so much. So, she was hoping this date would answer her questions and put her at ease with regards to Luke.

Instead, their date did the opposite, and she ended the night not giving Luke the one-on-one date rose (which pretty much never happens), but also seems reluctant to send him home after what she admitted to him was the worst date she's had during her time as Bachelorette. Damn.

Monday, June 17 will see an episode that's actually half new content and half Luke-drama recap, so, I get the feeling we won't see this incendiary sex talk go down just yet. Whichever side you come out on in the coming conversation, though, Chris Harrison is convinced that Hannah handled herself well there, and during the whole season.

...I think a lot of people are really going to rally around Hannah. She stands up for herself, and handles her business, and lays down the law of no matter what you believe, my body, my choice, my life. If you don’t like it, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit you in the ass on the way out. That's how she approaches all the men. I love that side of Hannah. She’s very vulnerable and emotional, but don’t you dare cross her and question her decisions because this is her life and you’ve got to respect that.

Respect, indeed. Though I'm sure many of the guys in the mansion would respect Hannah a little bit more if she'd go ahead and get wise to Luke and cut him loose. We can all see how much longer this fraught relationship lasts when The Bachelorette airs Mondays on ABC at 8 p.m. EST.

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