USA's Pearson: Will Other Suits Characters Join Gina Torres' Spinoff?

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The much-anticipated Suits spinoff Pearson is getting ever-closer to its debut. An electrifying trailer for the Gina Torres-led series debuted earlier this year. As the dawn of one show arrives, the final season of its mothership series begins. Season 9 will be Suits’ last. Thus, marking the beginning of its end.

There is a significant door open to the future. Should fans be concerned that they will have seen the last of their favorite Suits characters when the show ends? Or will some of them eventually join the spinoff? Suits creator Aaron Korsh weighed in on the topic, telling TVLine:

My gut reaction is, I don’t really see any of the Suits characters being regulars on the spinoff. It’s a different tone, it’s a different world, and I don’t see it. It doesn’t mean that couldn’t change. There are worlds in which I could see it, but I would sooner think that they would, in success, show up for an episode or an arc. But you never know. If they showed up for an episode or an arc, and it turned out to be outstanding, and they fit in well, then it’s possible. Anything is possible.

It sounds like Suits’ creator is willing to keep the door open to the possibility of them being series regulars. However, it is not currently in the cards. For those hoping to see Suits characters show up for an episode or two, it sounds possible. Aaron Korsh has been open about altering things during Suits’ run.

Following the Season 8 finale, he revealed that the season initially ended on a much different note: originally devoid of that crucial Harry/Donna scene. Aaron Korsh explained how the decision came to be. Given his track record of evolving with the story, perhaps, something similar will happen with the Suits spinoff.

Spinoffs tend to make fans wonder if their favorite could get a second life on one. There are seldom any guarantees. If the original series ends well, there should be a sense of closure, so they are good either way. Hopefully, Suits can provide that to fans.

As Suits readies for its final chapter, the series announced it would welcome the return of one of its former stars. Patrick J. Adams will be back, which means Mike will be too. The last season will also introduce a Star Trek: The Next Generation star, whose character will have bad news for Harvey.

How does Gabriel Macht feel about a potential cameo? He weighed in on if he would reprise his role as Harvey in the Suits spinoff. Macht said “it would be great.” However, he went on to echo uncertainty as to whether his character fits into the world of Pearson. Macht explained, saying:

I don’t know if Harvey really fits in that world. Maybe there’d be some opportunity to do something… My hope is for the Suits fans to go and start watching Pearson. That would be excellent. If those fans really, really want to see Harvey come in there and try and fix a few things, that would be fantastic. But this is her show, and she’s got a great cast.

Getting the go-ahead all the way back in March 2018, Pearson will finally arrive alongside the final season of Suits. An excellent opportunity for fans to have a double feature of drama, in my opinion. Pearson will follow Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson as she embarks on a career as a Chicago mayor’s right-hand fixer. In doing so, Jessica will find herself torn between doing the right thing and trying to win.

Gina Torres played Jessica Pearson on Suits for seven seasons, before leaving. Season 7’s midseason finale set up the spinoff. Torres has since explained why she wanted her beloved character to get a successor series. I think the fan favorite’s return to television as the top-notch problem-solver should be a massive treat for fans. Time will tell if she eventually is joined by her former Suits co-stars.

Suits will return for its final season as one of this year’s summer premieres. Season 9 premieres on Wednesday, July 17 at 9 p.m. ET on USA. Pearson has its series premiere July 17 at 10 p.m. ET on USA. New episodes will accordingly air Wednesdays at the same time and place.

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