Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Is 'The Greatest Episode' Yet, David Harbour Says

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Stranger Things Season 3 is almost here, and with its arrival comes what David Harbour thinks is quite the season finale. The Hellboy actor (who probably won't reprise the role in the future) explained that these upcoming episodes feature a season finale that he claims is the greatest the Netflix original has shot.

That's high praise, but what makes it so special? David Harbour was able to explain why Stranger Things Season 3's final episode is so good while at the same time keeping things as spoiler-free as possible.

[The Stranger Things Season 3 finale is] the greatest episode we’ve ever shot. It’s so emotionally powerful because you’re not expecting what happens to happen. I don’t think we’ve ever shot anything more moving.

Something big is coming at the end of Stranger Things Season 3, and apparently, it had/has David Harbour all in his feelings. Does a major character die? Do we find out they've been in the Upside Down this whole time? Do they have to go back to the Upside Down? I could vaguely hint at past major television show twists all day, and for now, it feels like any one of them could be true!

For all he didn't tell EW about Stranger Things Season 3's ending, David Harbour was able to talk a bit about what's going on with Sheriff Hopper. To start, the character has gotten into Magnum P.I., which seems to explain that new moustache and those vacation shirts he's wearing in various Season 3 images. It's not a bad look, although Harbour revealed he was over having a moustache long before he was able to get rid of it.

In other news, David Harbour was able to reveal that the Hawkins sheriff will attempt to woo Joyce Byers. That's going to come with some challenges, Harbour revealed, as he said Hopper will realize maintaining the level of intimacy women of his age appreciate will be difficult for him. That's not surprising, considering Hopper doesn't seem like the most romantic of guys, but perhaps he can learn a thing or two (or not) from his hero Thomas Magnum?

David Harbour's reveals are about the most information we've gotten on Stranger Things Season 3 outside of trailers, as not a lot has leaked out to fans on this upcoming season. Apparently the Duffer Brothers and Netflix took some serious precautions to keep things under wraps, and with Harbour (who has accidentally revealed some secrets in the past) in check on not wanting to reveal the big moment, hopefully those secrets will remain safe until release day.

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Stranger Things Season 3 is due to hit Netflix on Thursday, July 4 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Stick with CinemaBlend before and after the premiere for more on what's happening in the show, and for the latest news in television and movies.

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