Vikings Star Seemingly Confirms Season 6 Fate, But Why?

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Vikings’ star Katheryn Winnick has not been shy about teasing the series’ sixth and final season. Not too long ago, she shared a sneak peek involving Lagertha. Now, she has seemingly confirmed what her character’s fate will be in Season 6. The question is, if she has, why?

Spoilers for Vikings Season 6 may lie ahead.

On Twitter, Katheryn Winnick shared a post to an IBT article that seemed to reveal the fate of Lagertha. Apparently, an alleged photo from Vikings Season 6 has leaked on Reddit. It shows a deceased Lagertha getting a Viking funeral. Her body laid on top of a pyre, a shield and sword resting on top of her.

Does the actress sharing the story confirm the info it contains? Will Lagertha die in Season 6? Vikings fans will have to tune in to know for sure. However, her death has been a long-foreshadowed plot point. Accordingly, Lagertha dying would not be the biggest shocker to rock the History series.

Her demise was hinted at what feels like ages ago in Season 4B. Before Ivar murdered him, The Seer had told Lagertha that she would be killed by one of Ragnar’s sons. He did not reveal when it would happen. Only confirming the vaguely specific hint as to who it would be.

Ivar would be the main suspect. However, he has gone off to Rus, which should put him a long way away from his mortal enemy. Remember, he is the only one of Ragnar and Aslaug’s sons to really hold a grudge against Lagertha for killing their mother.

Being that Bjorn is Lagertha’s son, he's probably out of the running. Plus, there is the added element that Bjorn may not be Ragnar’s biological son. Vikings had to have introduced that reveal for a reason, right? Regardless of that maybe-reveal, for all intents and purposes, Bjorn is still Ragnar's son.

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Unless some sort of accident happens, Bjorn seems highly unlikely to be behind Lagertha’s death. Anything is possible when it comes to Vikings, though, and Bjorn would be the most shocking of Ragnar's sons to kill her. Expect the unexpected?

Lagertha’s run had to come to an end at some point. Given that Season 6 will be Vikings’ last, her death had to come soon. When it happens in the sixth season is a crucial question. It will be surprising if it occurs early on.

As has been the case in recent seasons, Vikings’ sixth season is expected to be split into two halves. Meaning she could die in the last half. For that matter, it could be the final episode of the series. There is no way that the series will be rushing to have her exit.

A lot is known about Lagertha’s journey in Season 6, thanks to Vikings’ creator Michael Hirst. He previously revealed what is in store for her in the final installment. Plus, there is the overarching picture of what Season 6 will hold. There is a lot to look forward to, including a Vikings star’s reborn new look.

A premiere date for Season 6 has not brrn set yet. When Vikings returns, it will do so on History. Lagertha’s best moments during Seasons 1 through 5 of Vikings are currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. For non-Vikings content, check out summer’s sprawling selection of premieres.

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