Kristen Bell Reveals How Long She'd Keep Playing Veronica Mars

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Kristen Bell and many other Veronica Mars stars are about to return for the series’ Hulu revival. It has been a long time coming for fans of the diligent detective. The revival’s impending arrival does bring up one mystery that only Bell could solve. How long would she be willing to play the character?

Well, it turns out that Kristen Bell is in no hurry to say goodbye to her much-loved heroine. The actress weighed in on how far into the future she would be willing to take up the taser. Her answer may surprise even diehard Veronica Mars fans. Bell told TVLine:

I told Rob Thomas that I will do Veronica Mars until it’s Murder, She Wrote. I will keep doing this show until everyone in Neptune is dead. And then the big reveal [in the eventual series finale] is that Veronica‘s the criminal; she killed everyone! . . . As long as the fans want more, I will try to do it again.

This is an ambitious and undoubtedly welcome answer for Marshmallows. Kristen Bell’s commitment to playing the detective sounds entirely open-ended. As long as fans are on board, so is she. Obviously, Bell is kidding about the Veronica turning out to be the criminal part. Although a criminally-inclined Veronica doppelganger would be interesting territory to probe. A dual role! How Vampire Diaries!

If Kristen Bell does decide to go through with the Murder, She Wrote timeline, that is excellent news for fans. They should not have to worry about buying tissues for a final farewell any time soon. The long-running sleuthing staple ended its run in 1996. Meaning series star Angela Lansbury was in her early 70s when the show said goodbye.

A 70-something Veronica Mars? Fans would totally be down for that. You only get better with age and who better than Veronica to prove that? Plus, it would be neat to have a primetime show that has chronicled a character from their teens into their silver years. I say, go past 70!

Veronica Mars fans have proven they remain loyal. They followed the series’ titular character from UPN to The CW and then to the silver screen. Now, she is heading to Hulu. That is quite a journey. Last year, fans got the thrilling news that the series would be getting a new season. It promises to be full of awesomeness.

Kristen Bell’s Good Place co-star Kirby Howell-Baptiste will be starring as a new character. Howell-Baptiste will take on the recurring role of Nicole, a nightclub owner in Neptune. Along with her new character, Veronica Mars is bringing back a villain from its original run.

That is not the only thing the two will share! Like its time on network television, the series will not be getting too hardcore with its adult content. Families, rejoice and get pumped for the premiere!

Veronica Mars premieres July 26 on Hulu. It does not take a great detective like Veronica to figure out that means it will land in the midst of this summer’s slate of premieres. The revival is also among the Hulu highlights arriving this July.

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