The Good Place's Ted Danson Already Has His First Follow-Up Show, And It's With Tina Fey

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The Good Place took fans by surprise last month when the series made a huge announcement. Its upcoming fourth season will also be its last. The cast subsequently shared their reaction to the news. With that decision made, it is time for cast members to start finding their follow-ups, and Ted Danson already has his lined up.

The actor has signed on for a new NBC series from Saturday Night Live legend Tina Fey and her producing partner, Robert Carlock. Fans will recall Fey name-checking Carlock when addressing those 30 Rock revival rumors last year. As for the Ted Danson-led series, you do not have to wonder if you will ever get to see it.

The show has already landed the much-coveted straight-to-series order. In it, Ted Danson will play a wealthy businessman who runs for mayor in Los Angeles. Following his victory, he goes on a personal journey to find out what he stands for, earn his staff’s respect, and “connect with his teenage daughter,” per NBC.

Sounds intriguing! The series, which is currently untitled, was tailor-made for Ted Danson and was actually written for him, per THR. Curious minds will have to stay tuned for a release date on the series, though, because NBC did not announce one. Burt, some answers are worth the wait, and they should eventually come. For now, Ted Danson has The Good Place’s fourth and final season in the cards.

There is also the anticipation of finding out if he will win a 2019 Emmy for his performance on the series. Ted Danson was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy for his portrayal of Michael. It is his thirteenth career nomination in the category.

The actor signing on for the NBC series ensures that he will remain on television for the foreseeable future. Before doing The Good Place, Ted Danson starred in the second season of FX’s anthology series, Fargo, and the CSI franchise. Having risen to pop culture prominence on Cheers back in the ‘80s, it is fair to say that television has been a “good place” for Danson.

For Tina Fey, news of the NBC series marks another television project at the Peacock Network. Fey rose to fame on its long-running sketch series, Saturday Night Live. She subsequently starred in 30 Rock, which she created. The comedy ran for seven seasons on NBC before ending in 2013. Fey's future television roles include Amazon’s upcoming series, Modern Love.

Tina Fey’s upcoming series starring Ted Danson marks another effort between her and producing partner, Robert Carlock. He co-produced Fey’s 30 Rock and the duo co-created the Netflix series, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Fans will have to stay tuned to find out more as their series for Ted Danson continues taking shape.

After this summer’s premieres, The Good Place will return for its fourth and final season on September 26. New episodes will air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. You can currently stream the comedy’s first two seasons on Netflix, along with a myriad of other upcoming content.

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