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Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Here's Why The Situation's Bachelor Party Was So Awkward

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation**. Read at your own risk!**

The Jersey Shore Family Vacation crew managed to get their buddy Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino out of his house and to a dude ranch to celebrate his upcoming wedding. After some time riding horses around the ranch, rowing in boats that almost sank, and some good food, Sitch's friends surprised him with a bachelor party to really put an event-filled weekend well over the top.

While Mike was certainly grateful for the effort, it wasn't until his now-wife (then fiancée) Lauren Sorrentino showed up to surprise him that he perked up. Even then the couple seemed to be having a lot less fun than the rest of the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast and were kind of to themselves from then on. Lauren Sorrentino hopped on Twitter during the episode to give some explanation as to why she and Sitch were a little down.

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Hanging out in New York's wilderness with strippers and whatever show drama was happening was fun and all, but, obviously, it wasn't the type of distraction The Situation was looking for. He was only two days removed from learning he would do hard time in prison for tax evasion. As Jersey Shore Family Vacation viewers may remember, Situation had to be more or less pressured into leaving his apartment for the trip, and almost got away with not going.

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino referenced that moment at dinner, and lightly implied that he really didn't have a choice in whether or not he went. Whether he was talking about his friends showing up to pressure him or some contractual obligation due to him agreeing to appear on Jersey Shore Family Vacation isn't known. Whatever the case, Situation did admit he's ultimately grateful he came, and that he had a chance to escape and be out of his head for a bit.

To his credit, The Situation handled the trip pretty well, all things considered. The car ride was pretty grueling, but he still maintained his trademark Jersey Shore Family Vacation positive attitude throughout the entirety of the trip. That really is a true testament to his transformation from Jersey Shore. Few would've blamed him if he had a scowl or two at being forced out of his home during one of the most harrowing moments of his life.

Luckily, that time seems soon to be at an end as reports say The Situation (who has been working out while on the inside) is getting released from prison any day now. There are still some hoops he'll have to jump through, of course, but we're not all that far off from his prison sentence being paid in full. Let's hope he gets a phone back when he's out, I miss his live tweets!

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