5 Wildest Moments From Jersey Shore Family Vacation's Season 3 Trailer

With his recent off-season rife with drama, Jersey Shore Family Vacation is finally on its way back to television for Season 3. To help promote that, MTV has released the first trailer for the long-awaited adventure, and it's got all sorts of wild moments hinting at this possibly being the most interesting Shore season to date. Take a look, and be prepared to have those fists pumping in genuine excitement, but also pumping in solidarity for some of the tense moments.

Love, anger, drunken shenanigans, and...cowboy hats? One of those things is certainly new to Jersey Shore Family Vacation and perhaps the franchise in general, unless Ed Hardy had a special western-themed fashion line back in the day. In addition to all the life events happening, it looks like the team is going out to a ranch to spend some quality time in the great outdoors, possibly enjoying one last hurrah before The Situation was sent to serve his prison sentence for tax issues.

Those scenes look to be a rip-roaring good time, but we all know the appeal of Jersey Shore Family Vacation isn't the horse-riding abilities of Pauly D. This is about the emotional drama, the verbal throwdowns, and the physical confrontations behind the biggest shockers that went on behind the scenes. Fortunately, the trailer didn't disappoint in that respect, featuring plenty of cringe-worthy moments, and the wildest of them are detailed  below.

The Situation Jersey Shore Family Vacation

The Situation's Bachelor Party

As promised, it looks like a fair bit of footage for Season 3 was filmed ahead of Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's imprisonment. That means we're going to get to see his wedding to Lauren, and apparently that's preceded by a bachelor party full of drinking, dancing, and some exotic entertainment. One can be reasonably certain Sitch isn't about to go back to his bad boy persona, but will everyone be able to resist the temptation to get themselves in trouble?

For the record, this party looks to be a co-ed affair, as one dancer seems to be over Mike's shoulder and clapping while his now-wife Lauren is also sitting with him on the chair. It's probably for the best that everyone stuck together for such a bawdy event, especially since there's only a limited amount of time they could've filmed with Mike in the first place.

Angelina Deena Snooki Jersey Shore Family Vacation

Are Angelina And Deena Throwing Down?

If Angelina Pivarnick is hanging out with the Jersey Shore crew, there's going to be a fight. There's really no avoiding that outcome ever, but what is surprising here is that Deena seems to be the one on the other side. Deena's not typically one for fights, and as the initial "replacement" for Angelina when the latter was kicked off Jersey Shore's original run, they don't really have much history. So what's happening here?

From just that scene, it seems like Angelina is upset about something and Deena is trying to bring her down. In doing so, things inevitably escalate and the fighting ensues. Personally, I'm thrilled to see Deena back in the fray after she got sidelined with her pregnancy in Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 2. That said, I also hope her and Angelina patch things up. Can't we just have one season where everyone gets along? [Pause for hysterical laughter]

Snooki Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

Snooki's Drunken Spiraling

Though some members of the cast are choosing to stay sober, it appears the drinks are still flowing in Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3. Snooki is partaking, and definitely appears to be "spiraling" in more than a few scenes. That always makes for both a good episode and for some iconic drunk-liners courtesy of the squad's OG "meatball."

We're assuming that Snooki's intoxicated moments were filmed before she discovered she was pregnant with her latest child, whom she gave birth to in May. Considering The Situation's wedding took place in November, let's hope Snooki's partying took place long before those nuptials.

JWoww Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

JWoww's Divorce Troubles

To this point, JWoww has done a pretty solid job of keeping whatever drama she had going on at home, away from the safety(?) of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Unfortunately, her ex-husband Roger Matthews' surprising social media posts have more or less made their issues impossible to ignore. Now, it appears Season 3 will finally feature Jenni opening up about some of the drama fans had been reading about.

We don't really see JWoww bringing it up in any scenes, but Ronnie drops the big D word, divorce, and it does not appear he's referring to his troubled relationship with baby mama Jen Harley. We also get a quick glimpse of JWoww dancing with some cowboy during the party scene, although it doesn't look to be her new beau who has been affectionately nicknamed "24" by the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast. Can't wait to see what that's about.

Ronnie Jersey Shore Family Vacation MTV

Ronnie Wipes Out Amid Other Drama

The basic details of Ronnie's drama with Jen Harley have been outlined by many outlets ahead of Jersey Shore Family Vacation Season 3, but the show has done a solid job thus far of providing the greater details behind the stories that outlets don't get the scoop on. A couple of quick clips tease Ronnie's eventual big public mishaps, and we also see a pretty painful looking wipeout that Snooki can't help but laugh at. Womp womp.

This may be an exceptionally pivotal season for Ronnie, given the abundance of behind-the-scenes problems he's had. Fans will see him during the period that led to the mysterious New Year's incident between he and Jen Harley, and potentially see what happened that made him decide to enter rehab.

There was plenty of stuff that wasn't shown too, which means MTV might be holding some things back for another trailer. Mike reporting to prison is a big one, and there were reports of Jersey Shore Family Vacation filming in 2019. Most of this footage looks to be from late 2018, so is there another trailer that will show what's happening on the back half of the season, or is Season 4 quietly in production?

We'll find out soon enough as Jersey Shore Family Vacation is set to return to MTV Thursday, July 11 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for updates on the show, and for news on the latest goings on in television and movies.

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