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Jersey Shore Family Vacation Spoilers: Angelina And Deena Clear The Air Following Their Cabin Fight

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Read at your own risk!

Jersey Shore Family Vacation went to a dude ranch instead of the club in its latest episode, but that didn't stop the drama from happening. In what may come as a shock, the major shouting match of the episode didn't involve alcohol, or Ronnie, but came from one of the quietest members of the bunch, Deena Nicole Cortese. The pregnant "meatball" went head to head with none other than Angelina Pivarnick in their cabin when a bed situation got complicated.

The drama, for those that may have missed out, was that Deena didn't want to sleep alone in a cabin, even though JWoww had booked it that way. JWoww decided the solution would be to bring the cabin's mattress back to the cabin where the other three ladies were staying, and all four could sleep there. Suddenly, Angelina got tense, as she realized the pressure was on her to sleep on the floor.

Angelina got heated, and slowly, tensions rose until the typically quiet Deena got beet red and started shouting back in Angelina's face that the whole situation wasn't about her. Now that the episode has aired, Angelina cleared the air on why she was actually upset at the situation, which is something Jersey Shore Family Vacation edited out of the final cut (and that may not be the first time that happened).

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As Angelina stated above, she was upset because she asked to stay in the cabin Deena didn't want to stay in, but was told that wasn't an option. Given her medical issues, it's understandable she'd be upset at what seemed like a reasonable request, especially considering Jersey Shore Family Vacation was fine with Deena staying in a cabin all by herself. Provided Angelina is telling the truth, it makes the freak out a bit more understandable.

With that being said, none of the other Jersey Shore Family Vacation ladies are backing up that story. Deena did give Angelina a friendly shout out during the segment to show things were good following all that. The two cleared the air on Twitter, and chalked it all up to the fact that they were all exhausted from an excessively long road trip to the Dude Ranch.

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For all the nastiness that happens on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, it's good to see these two move past the drama. It's especially good for Angelina (who viewers will learn more about this season), as Deena is one of the few cast members on the show that won't often go after her just for the sake of getting her riled up. If Angelina had Deena going for her too, she'd probably pull a Jersey Shore Season 2 and quit the show all over again.

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