Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Jordan's Return Has A Shocking Fight Twist

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SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

He's baaaack. Did you miss watching Jordan Kimball on Bachelor in Paradise? It sounds like he missed seeing himself on TV. Bachelorette Becca's reject got engaged last season, but things did not turn out great with his now ex-fiancée Jenna Cooper. It actually sounds like things turn out even worse in Bachelor in Paradise 2019.

First, Jordan teased his arrival by shading the dragged-out drama of the Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 premiere:

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He's not wrong about the dragged-out drama last week. They couldn't even give us one rose ceremony after two episodes of Blake Horstmann nonsense? However, Jordan's "just wait" for this week tease let us know it was finally time for his drama.

Reality Steve posted spoilers about the key bit of mischief Jordan got into. Jordan and Christian Estrada, also of Becca's season, got into a fight and were reportedly sent home afterward. Apparently it got physical. And a pinata was involved, and I just love that little detail. Clay Harbor (also of Becca's season) and Nicole Lopez-Alvar were tangentially involved.

Per Reality Steve's site, the fight went down during the cocktail party before the second rose ceremony. So that's shortly after Jordan and Christian both showed up in Paradise. (Mike and Dean also showed up in the same stretch of time.) Jordan took Nicole out on a date, and then after that, Christian showed up he also took Nicole out on a date. That's after she already established a connection with Clay.

During this cocktail party, Christian and Nicole were talking off by themselves, and he brought a pinata. Clay went over to interrupt, but Christian wouldn't let him. So Clay went back to the group and told them what happened. That's when Jordan decided it was now his business.

Jordan went over to talk to Christian. He tried to rip the pinata down from where it was hanging -- to throw it in the ocean like last season’s stuffed animal -- but Christian grabbed his arm, and Jordan body slammed him to the ground. Security jumped in to separate them. After a while, Chris Harrison said both Jordan and Christian had to leave the show. Yes, they made the rosemaster himself get involved. He's not there to WORK, people!

That's the fight that was teased in promos, although the run on the beach and security pile-on looked even more dramatic in the video than what Steve described:

It'll be interesting to hear more from both Jordan and Christian -- and Nicole and Clay -- after the show. Either way, it sounds like Jordan has a very short time in Paradise and does not leave with a love story. He doesn't even get through one rose ceremony!

Clay and Nicole, on the other hand? Well, check out who is said to stay and go in every Bachelor in Paradise 2019 rose ceremony. Spoilers suggest the show ends with three engagements, along with dating (but not engaged - yet?) success stories for this couple and also apparently these two.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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