Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik Is Following Kaley Cuoco's Footsteps With New TV Deal

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After making a break from one of the most popular and celebrated shows on TV, the time can be ripe for making big career decisions. So it goes for The Big Bang Theory vet Mayim Bialik, who is following up her recent sitcom fame by basically heading down the same path as her former co-star Kaley Cuoco. Bialik has entered into a lucrative development deal with Warner Bros. Television Group that could lead to her next starring TV role.

In what has to be exciting news for Warner Bros. TV Group, the studio is now reunited with Mayim Bialik after helping bring The Big Bang Theory to life for its decade-long broadcast run. Currently, the multi-faceted deal includes a two-year exclusive deal with Bialik's recently founded production company Sad Clown Productions. That will allow Bialik the chance to start developing her own new projects as a producer, in case there are any big creative ideas she's been mulling over for years. Such as, I dunno, a Blossom revival, maybe?

The deal with Warner Bros. TV Group will also include a talent holding provision for Mayim Bialik to take on any acting roles, possibly within the projects she develops, or possibly in other things. It will obviously be difficult, at least initially, for Bialik to shed the Nobel Prize-winning Amy Farrah Fowler connections with a new TV role, but the best way to make it happen is to try it out. And given the troubles of sitcom typecasting, it's possible her next acting gig will be on the opposite end of the spectrum from The Big Bang Theory's broad comedy.

Mayim Bialik's new deal with Warner Bros. TV is a similar version of the same deal with Kaley Cuoco recently signed on for with WBTV for her Yes Norman Productions shingle. Before finalizing that deal, Cuoco had already locked up her own Big Bang Theory follow-up projects via DC Universe's Harley Quinn and HBO Max's upcoming mystery drama The Flight Attendant, both of which will see her serving as a star and executive producer. (And both of which are already under WBTVG.)

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I'm not sure if we'll see Bialik dropping F-bombs as a comic book baddie soon, but it would be amusing if she had a similar upcoming role that would heavily appeal to Sheldon Cooper's love of superheroes. Warner Bros. is home to all things DC-related, so it's not the biggest stretch of the imagination to picture Bialik showing up on The Flash, or possibly even voicing a character in Harley Quinn Season 2, if that ends up getting ordered at its streaming home.

For the new deal, Mayim Bialik did look back to her Big Bang Theory, according to Deadline. Chuck Lorre Productions vet Mackenzie Gabriel-Vaught was brought in by Bialik to serve as Sad Clown's Head of Development and Production. Having also overseen some of Lorre's mega-hits like CBS' Mike & Molly and Young Sheldon, and Netflix's The Kominsky Method, Vaught will work on developing and producing projects for any and all potential content platforms, through WBTVG brands such as Warner Bros Television, Warner Horizon Scripted Television, WB Animation, and Blue Ribbon Content.

Here's how Mayim Bialik reacted to the deal's announcement via a statement.

WB has been my creative home for over a decade and I’m thrilled to be continuing my relationship with them as I develop projects as an actor and a producer. After working with Mackenzie during my entire time at The Big Bang Theory, I have grown to respect and value her humor, candor, intelligence, and professionalism. There’s no one else I would rather start this new phase of my career with than Mackenzie and I can’t wait to start showing what we can do together!

Having earned four Emmy nominations for her work on The Big Bang Theory, along with the adoration of millions of TV viewers, Mayim Bialik will have some big shoes to fill when lining up her next small screen venture. Suffice to say, Warner Bros. Television Group will likely be a fabulous partner in making that happen in a huge way.

While waiting to hear about Mayim Bialik's next big TV role, check out the fall TV schedule to see what's hitting CBS Thursdays in the coming months, as well as peeping out al the DC TV on the way. As well, check out how much money might be changing hands in order to acquire The Big Bang Theory's first streaming deal.

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