Big Brother's Bella Can 'No Longer Support' Nick After Watching Season 21

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It's been a few weeks since Big Brother had one of its more emotional exits in the house this season as "showmance" couple Nick Macarrone and Isabella Wang were split following the latter's elimination. Tears were shed, mainly by Nick, but even some of the HouseGuests felt really guilty pulling apart the couple that seemed destined for true love outside the show.

Fast forward to now, and it appears that reality romance is on the rocks as Bella has been watching her beau on Big Brother, and can 'no longer support' Nick. So what was the final straw that may make Bella root for Cliff's Angels now? Bella took to social media with lots of things to say after feeds showed Nick cuddling up with Analyse Talavera (who was in a showmance with the controversial Jack) in bed.

Bella shared a photo of the moment with her followers, and continued to work through her mindset about the situation on Twitter. Bella tweeted later that she might talk with Nick about the situation when they next meet, but then also liked a lot of replies including one that tweeted #nickiscancelled. She also retweeted a Big Brother fan who suggested she show up to the finale with a date, which may indicate she's moving on.

Bella will have to wait for any kind of confrontation with Nick, as he's still in the competition and not allowed contact with the outside world. Additionally, he's at a stage in the game that if he were eliminated, he'd be sent to the jury house, so the two likely won't interact until the Big Brother finale. Is Nick about to get blindsided in real life?

Well, that's up for debate. Live feed conversations have revealed that HouseGuests have attempted to alert Nick that his flirting with Analyse may be considered inappropriate given his relationship with Bella, but to no avail. In fact, Nick has more or less stated he's aware Bella may not appreciate his interactions with Sis, as evidenced by this whole leg rubbing conversation.

Nick ultimately justified his interactions with Sis as something Bella would be fine with, "because they're all friends." He later admitted that Bella did get mad at him for something in the Big Brother house, but didn't get into specifics. In either case, he told "on the block" Christie Murphy that Bella shouldn't be upset about his cuddling with Sis, and that he wouldn't be upset if she went out with some guy while she was out of the house. In the end, Nick believes if they're to be together, they will be together.

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Right now, it's up in the air if Bella and Nick will be a thing following Big Brother. After a string of tweets Bella finally decided to step aside, and maybe leave some of her personal feelings on the situation off of social media.

While the drama of Big Brother Season 21 may have found its way outside the house, the competition is still raging on at CBS Sundays and Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET, and Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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