What These Yellowstone Season 2 Finale Photos Tell Us About The Ending

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What do photos from Yellowstone’s Season 2 finale tell us about the ending? A lot. The end is fast approaching and Paramount Network has supplied fans with some speculation-worthy pictures. Yellowstone’s penultimate episode left viewers clinging to the edge of their seats as it became clear that Tate Dutton had been kidnapped.

Promotional photos from Season 2, Episode 10 (“Sins of the Father”) feature the Duttons and Rip working together to find the Duttons' beloved family member. Let’s start at daylight and end with sundown. Yellowstone left off with the sun rising. Why not follow suit? Let’s pick up with John and Kayce:

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It looks like John (Kevin Costner) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) will be taking a minute to chat about what is next. Please note that John has put on his badge. That hints he plans to operate with some of his authority in the Season 2 finale. It is a power worth leveraging.

John tends to work outside of the law on Yellowstone, so his choice is somewhat surprising. What does it indicate about how Season 2 will end? If John has to use his legal authority, things must get serious. I am curious about why John is going into the red structure. It appears to be on the Duttons' property, but I could be wrong. Next picture:

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Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser)! The two appear to be sharing a moment in the chaos of finding of Tate. Is Beth comforting Rip or the other way around? Either way, the two are holding hands, which is a sign they will have each other’s backs (yet again) during this trying time in the family.

This picture hopefully indicates that Season 2 will end with these two finally making an official go of things. Yellowstone has been teasing their coupling all season long. Earlier this season, Rip said that the Duttons are his family. Maybe John will finally accept him as a part of it. Next picture:

Yellowstone Kevin Costner John Dutton Dabney Coleman Paramount Network

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Late last week, news broke that acting legend Dabney Coleman will star in the Season 2 finale of Yellowstone. He is not the only actor that wants to join the show, per Denim Richards, who plays Colby on the Western. As pictured above, Coleman will play John Dutton’s father in the finale.

Obviously, John’s dad had passed away by the time the series started. However, Kevin Costner playing John in the Season 2 finale scenes -- instead of usual flashback actor Josh Lucas -- indicates a lot. What transpires between John and his dad must not have taken place that long ago. Now, to the final picture:

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It is with this photo that Yellowstone descends into the darkness. Please note that Kayce is wearing his Livestock Agent vest. A sign that he, like John, will operate as an official at some point in the finale. What is going on in this picture, though? Rip’s worried expression has me incredibly concerned!

Whatever has happened, hopefully it seems like bad news at first, only to have it turn out to be good. Not pictured in the promotional photos is Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough). The man believed to be behind Tate’s kidnapping. Is he showing up to cause trouble? He should definitely be at the end of some.

Yellowstone only has one episode left to get rid of the Beck brothers, an adversarial force that has wreaked havoc all season. First, they killed the Duttons’ cattle and made them think Dan Jenkins did it. Then, Malcolm had Beth brutally attacked in her office and her assistant killed. His brutality has known no bounds. He is now my lead suspect in Tate’s kidnapping.

The picture with John and his dad has my interest up. What does that mean for the ending of Season 2? Yellowstone typically relies on flashbacks to help flesh out something going on in the present. Why does John recall a moment with his dad in the episode?

I am curious to find out the answer. That the finale is entitled “Sins of the Father” could be some sort of clue. Between Jamie deciding his next move, and the potential for clues about his and Beth's mysterious past, there is a lot to look forward to!

Find out the full context of these Season 2 finale pictures when Yellowstone’s season-ender airs this Wednesday, August 28 at 10 p.m. ET on the Paramount Network. After Yellowstone’s current season wraps, there will fall premieres to watch waiting for Season 3.

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