Legacies Season 2 Cast A New Character With A Vampire Diaries Reference

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Mystic Falls officially has a new sheriff, as Legacies Season 2 has cast two new characters, with one featuring a fun Vampire Diaries reference. The CW series has found the actress that will portray the mother of two previously revealed characters, and her name is a callback to a beloved Vampire Diaries character.

Recent Bosch star Bianca Kajlich will play the new long arm of the law, Sheriff Mac. Her name is a reference to actress Marguerite MacIntyre, who portrayed Sheriff Forbes on The Vampire Diaries. That fan-favorite character tragically died before the series came to an end, so it's great that her legacy lives on, in a manner of speaking, with the franchise's newest Sheriff.

Sheriff Forbes’ daughter is Caroline Forbes, who will be involved in the Season 2 premiere, though not in the most direct way. The character has already gotten name recognition from The Vampire Diaries and has been referenced several times on Legacies. Caroline’s surrogate daughter, Lizzie Saltzman, is named after Caroline’s mom. This freshly confirmed link between the spinoff and its flagship series is yet another tie between the beloved shows.

Who is Sherriff Mac, though? For one, she is a human living in a town filled with supernatural entities. Sheriff Mac is said to have a troubled past, though details are slight on where those troubles may have come from. The good news, perhaps, is that she will be open to taking a shot at romance when the chance comes her way, which could be super exciting. Who will pique her interest? Only Legacies Season 2 holds the answers.

Romance and professional duties aside, Sheriff Mac is also a mother, with her kids being the brother and sister who will vie for Hope’s heart in Season 2. Casting for Sheriff’s Mac daughter, Maya, had already been announced, with The Fosters’ Bianca Santos set to star in the role.

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Sheriff Mac’s son, Ethan, has now been cast as well, with Why Women Kill star Leo Howard set to portray the competitive athlete who sports a good heart. He and sister Maya are both students at Mystic Falls High School, so do not expect to see them necessarily roaming the halls of Salvatore School.

While Sheriff Mac’s kids will both be pursuing Hope, her Landon will also be getting a new love interest. Legacies previously announced that a new romantic interest was coming for a certain character in Season 2. So there's obviously a lot of love in store for the series’ sophomore season!

There will also be a mysterious new character showing up to presumably cause some chaos in one way or another. Clearly, lot is set to happen with Alaric, Hope, and the rest of your favorite Legacies characters when the series returns!

Legacies Season 2 premieres this fall on Thursday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. You can currently catch up on the series’ first season on Netflix, alongside a vast array of premieres.

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