Legacies Season 2 'Kills' Hope With A New Landon Romance

Legacies Season 1 Landon and Hope look serious The CW

One full year after The Originals ended, it's clear Klaus Mikaelson's daughter Hope could use a little more hope herself. Our beloved tribrid ended Legacies Season 1 by sacrificing herself in the Malivore pit. She's still alive but the rest of the world won't remember her in Legacies Season 2.

Not sure how long that lack of memory will last -- someone has to have a power to fix it, right? -- but it will apparently last long enough for her Salvatore School boyfriend Landon Kirby to find a new love interest. Since Hope hasn't forgotten that she loves Landon, it's going to hurt. A lot.

Actress Danielle Rose Russell teased a love triangle for Hope, Landon, and Someone in Legacies Season 2. Hope tries to be mature about it, but it "kills" her inside, per DRR's words to MEA Worldwide:

She could be mad at him. She knows it's logical, but it still hurts. It kills her, actually, and that's something you're definitely going to see. It's one of the most -- probably the most heartbreaking thing you'll see on her end.

Sad. Hope Mikaelson had a beautiful arc through Legacies Season 1, slowly tearing down her walls of anger and sarcasm, and finding both true love with Landon and true friends with her squad. Now all of that is at least temporarily gone. She not only had Landon in love with her, she had his BFF Rafael crushing on her, and Josie Saltzman admitting a Hope crush too.

If Landon does have a new romance in Legacies Season 2, could it be with someone we already know -- like Josie or Lizzie Saltzman? It sounds like Lizzie already has somebody (see below) but who knows. It does make sense that Landon might catch someone else's eye, the way he charmed Hope.

During San Diego Comic-Con, The Vampire Diaries Universe ruler Julie Plec also revealed Legacies Season 2 would introduce a new brother and sister team, and both would have crushes on Hope. She's still popular ... just maybe not with Landon, since he doesn't remember her, and she may be separated from him for a bit. Not sure how that's going to play out yet.

Also during Comic-Con, Danielle Rose Russell suggested to TVLine that Hope's eventual return will be quite dramatic:

It’s definitely a change of pace to see a world without Hope. It gives these guys a little bit of freedom to explore different situations and dynamics now, because it’s justified. Last year, certain things wouldn’t have been justified, but now we get to experiment a little bit -- until Hope is remembered and all hell breaks loose.

When do you think the Hope remembrance will happen -- will we have to wait for the season finale, or maybe before winter break? Whatever the case, it sounds like Legacies is going to juggle multiple romances in the 2019-2020 season. That crazy old-but-young vampire Legacies teased for Season 2 is coming as Lizzie's new love interest, and I honestly can't wait for that.

Also, The Vampire Diaries alum Matt Davis spoiled a lot of potential things ahead for Alaric Saltzman -- and I say potential because he spilled them all through a game of Maybe/Maybe Not. One of the "maybes" was Alaric finding love with the new sheriff of Mystic Falls. (If true, it begs the question, what happened to the old sheriff, TVD's Matt Donovan?)

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Matt Davis had also said Alaric wouldn't be the Salvatore school's headmaster anymore and would instead go to Mystic Falls High School. The new casting of a Buffy and Angel alum seemed to match with what he said. The new character -- Professor Vardemus -- sounds like he could become the new Salvatore headmaster Davis had described.

Julie Plec had said Hope and Ryan Clarke (Nick Fink) would be stuck together and not liking it, comparing their dynamic to Bonnie and Damon from The Vampire Diaries. That kind of made me wonder if Hope and Clarke might start their own love triangle with Landon. I won't be shocked if some fans leave Legacies Season 2 shipping Hope and Clarke, even more than Hope and Landon or Hope and Josie.

However, Matt Davis' Maybe/Maybe Not spiel included the tantalizing suggestion that Hope would actually get out of the Malivore pit by the end of the Legacies Season 2 premiere. Remember to take this with a grain of salt, but here's what he told press (including CinemaBlend) at Comic-Con:

We may or may not find Hope locked in the Malivore pit at the beginning of Episode 1, and maybe by the end of Episode 1 she may get out of the Malivore pit. Maybe. She may or may not be wandering through Mystic Falls after she gets out, having been completely erased from everyone's memory, so she's a total stranger that no one recognizes. Maybe a monster got out of Malivore and she's in the process of tracking it down, in spite of the fact that no one remembers who she is. And she may or may not run into Alaric who is also tracking down the same monster. And they may or may not cross paths in pursuit of the same monster. And Alaric probably doesn't recognize when he runs into her. And she may or may not construct a whole identity to give to him, since he doesn't remember who she is. They may or may not partner up to track down these monsters in spite of the fact that he doesn't know who she is.

We'll see if that's true after Legacies Season 2 premieres Thursday, October 10 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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