Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: These Six Couples Are Still Together After 2019 Show

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Caelynn Tayshia Connor ABC photos

SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 will end with a reunion special airing Tuesday, September 17. That's when we will get updates from the cast, get confirmation on the new Bachelor (deep sigh), and hear from the couples who are still together after the show taped earlier this summer.

Spoiler guru Reality Steve gave updates right after filming on the three engagements that happen at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. But what about after the show? Well, Steve said the reunion was taped on August 27, and he didn't have too many details at that point, but I was surprised to hear six couples were still together. Not just the three who got engaged, but a few more who are still dating. Here are the details:

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Hannah G. and Dylan ABC

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour

No shock, Hannah G. and Dylan are still together -- and they are engaged. They are one of the three couples to get engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise. They had a rocky start, when she was wooed by multiple guys, including Blake Horstmann, with whom she had a pre-Paradise connection when he visited her in Alabama. But Bachelor Colton alum Hannah G. ultimately chose Bachelorette Hannah alum Dylan, who clearly adores her. I wouldn't be shocked if these two get married on TV and it's shown in Bachelor in Paradise 2020 Season 7, but we'll see.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Demi and Kristian ABC

Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty

It's no surprise that Demi and her girlfriend Kristian stay together till the end of Paradise. It would be awkward if they didn't, since Kristian -- the only non-Bachelor franchise contestant -- came to the show specifically for Demi. They are Bachelor Nation's first same-sex couple and they become the first same-sex couple to get engaged at the end of Paradise. Maybe they will get married next year on TV. I could see that too. There's no way it won't be shown on TV, whenever it happens.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Katie and Chris B. ABC

Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski

Look at this! I did not see these two getting engaged at the end of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, but that's what happens. Chris is a longtime Bachelor Nation veteran, which Paradise mocked in the opening credits by showing him with a walker. He was part of Bachelorette Emily's season, then Andi's season, then Bachelor Pad Season 3, back when the spinoff was a competition show called Bachelor Pad, and then Bachelor in Paradise Season 1 and Season 2. This is the first time he's actually getting engaged on this franchise, so good for him if things work out with Bachelor Colton alum Katie. They had some drama with Jen Saviano, when it looked like Chris was torn between Katie and Jen. His choice now is clear.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Tayshia and John Paul Jones ABC

Tayshia Adams and John Paul Jones

Yas queen! This surprised me, because Reality Steve's initial spoilers said Tayshia and John Paul Jones broke up during Bachelor in Paradise before the overnight dates. He said, at the time, that he thought Tayshia was the one to initiate the breakup. That may still be the case, but Steve's brief reunion update on August 27 noted that Tayshia and JPJare seeing each other. That's awesome. He got a bit intense with Derek Peth over Tayshia, but I do love his passion for her. I think they could be a good match -- his goofy intensity and her grounded maturity. I'm rooting for them.

Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Caelynn and Dean

Caelynn Miller-Keyes and Dean Unglert

Well, well, well. Is Dean finally tamed? Dean was known for his back-and-forth waffling between Kristina and DLo in Bachelor in Paradise Season 4. When he showed up in Season 6, everyone told Caelynn to be careful. She learned that the hard way when she dumped her on her birthday and left the show. She bounced back quickly with Connor S., but then Dean returned later. Steve's spoilers said Caelynn struggled to decide between Connor and Dean, and went with Dean. They left the show together. Photos showed Dean and Caelynn were still together, traveling the world after Paradise. And apparently they are still dating as of the reunion special. Big question: Does he still live in a van?

The Bachelor Whitney with Nick, Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Connor S. ABC

Connor Saeli and Whitney Fransway

Who? I know. You may not even remember Whitney from Bachelor Nick's season, but apparently she and Connor met at Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone's wedding -- where Connor also connected with Caelynn. Apparently, after Dean returned and left Paradise with Caelynn, Connor was hoping Whitney would show up in Paradise. When she didn't, he left. But then Whitney did show up, and Connor wasn't there. According to Steve's spoilers, the show sent Whitney to Connor's room and the two got to spend some time in Mexico together. As of the August 27 reunion, Connor and Whitney are still dating. Steve said Whitney even took Connor to Mexico as her date for Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay’s wedding. I was about to say Make Connor S. The Next Bachelor -- I don't care if he sounds like a bro -- but I guess he's now taken.

How many of these Bachelor in Paradise couples will go from engaged to married, or dating to engaged? We'll have to wait and see. Last year, Jordan and Jenna got engaged and split up after Paradise after cheating allegations. Derek and Taylor also got engaged in Season 4 and split after Paradise. But Raven and Adam got engaged in May 2019 after leaving the 2017 season in a relationship. So sometimes it just takes a little time.

Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 continues Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC.

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