Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: Are Dylan And Hannah G. Still Together Now?

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SPOILERS ahead from Bachelor in Paradise 2019 Season 6.

I barely remember Dylan Barbour on Hannah Brown's The Bachelorette Season 15, and he was just on the 2019 season a couple of months ago. For that matter, I feel like I hardly got to know Hannah Godwin on Bachelor Colton Underwood's 2019 season either. So color me shocked that Dylan and Hannah G. are THE couple of Bachelor in Paradise 2019. Guess Dylan just has a thing for Hannahs.

The first week of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, Dylan made it clear he only felt a connection with Hannah G. He had eyes for no one else. It was adorable. However, it was also clear that Hannah G. didn't quite feel the same way, not at first anyway. She saw Paradise as a chance to get to know everyone and date around -- and there were plenty of options for her, since multiple guys seemed to want to be with her.

Hannah G. was shown kissing Wills Reid, which broke Dylan's heart a little, but she later told Wills she wasn't feeling it as much with him and went back to Dylan. But Blake Horstmann -- who can't seem to settle for one, two, or even three girls in Paradise -- also made it clear he's interested in Hannah G.

In fact, based on Reality Steve's spoilers, Blake and Hannah G. have a history. Steve wrote that, two weeks before going on Bachelor in Paradise, Blake flew to Birmingham, Alabama to spend the weekend with Hannah G. Apparently that was a planned trip because they were interested in each other, not just something where he happened to be passing through.

Spoilers also suggest Blake makes it clear that he's most interested in pursuing Hannah G., rather than Tayshia Adams, who gets his first rose, or Kristina Schulman or Caelynn Miller-Keyes (with whom Blake is now semi-feuding off the show).

However! Here's the good news for Dylan and Hannah G. fans. It sounds like Hannah meant what she said to Wills. Her heart was leading her to someone else, and that someone is Dylan. Dylan gives Hannah G. a rose at the first rose ceremony, and they trade roses from there.

At the end of the season, Dylan and Hannah G. reportedly get engaged. They are one of three couples said to get engaged in Paradise in 2019. All three couples who leave the show together are said to get engaged: Dylan and Hannah, but also Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton -- never saw that coming, but good for them -- and Demi Burnett with her girlfriend Kristian Haggerty, who has no other connection to the Bachelor franchise but shows up on Paradise anyway.

There have been no updates to say Dylan and Hannah G. have broken up, which is good news. It would certainly be a shock to hear of a split, since the show just finished filming in June. However, filming only lasts for about three weeks, and a lot can change when couples interact in the real world. (Just ask Jordan and Jenna. Although maybe don't ask Jordan anything at the moment.)

We should get updates from all of the couples when Bachelor in Paradise is over. It may be too soon to talk wedding dates, but are they moving in together, have they at least met each other's families, what are their future plans? I'd love to be able to look back at this Dylan and Hannah Week 1 moment and remember it as the start of their happily ever after:

Check out who is said to stay and go in every Bachelor in Paradise 2019 rose ceremony. The show airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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