Bachelor In Paradise Spoilers: What Blake’s History With Hannah Means For Dylan

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Spoilers ahead for the August 12 episode of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 on ABC.

The first week of Bachelor in Paradise drama ended with the impression that the major drama of Season 6 would be a sort of love pentagon involving Blake Horstmann, Hannah Godwin, Caelynn Miller-Keyes, Tayshia Adams, and Kristina Schulman, but the second week revealed that the real source of drama might be a love triangle between Blake, Hannah, and Dylan Barbour. Despite having Dylan devoted to her and being basically nothing but wonderful to her, Hannah's eyes kept wandering over to Blake, and things are probably getting worse before they get any better. Why? Because there's history between Hannah and Blake.

The Latest Developments

In the August 12 episode, Hannah seemed more or less set on Dylan to begin with. She accepted his rose at the beginning, although it's worth noting that Dylan got to offer his before Blake did, and Blake ended up choosing Tayshia, which neither seemed too enthsuiastic about. When Jordan showed up to cause a stir, get the 4-1-1 on all the drama, and show off his date card, Hannah shot him down, prompting him to ask out Nicole Lopez-Alvar instead.

Hannah seemed to be totally on Team Dylan, and Dylan wasn't even trying to hide that he was Team Hannah. Was he a little clingy about Hannah? I'd say yes, but she didn't voice an issue with it, and it didn't stop her from walking off with other guys who asked to chat with her. That worked out just fine for Dylan when she shot down Jordan, but she happily went off with Blake at the end.

After flirting it up on one of the couches, Blake took her out onto the beach for some dancing and twirling... in direct view of everybody else in Paradise, including Dylan. It was at this point that I lost pretty much all my remaining sympathy for Hannah. If she wasn't going to be on Team Dylan, then I will be on Team Dylan!

The twirling and dancing turned into making out, and Dylan was egged on by the other contestants enough that he interrupted the dance to ask Hannah for a chat. Blake didn't back down and pointed out that Dylan had monopolized Hannah's time during the day, and the guys proceeded to basically argue over Hannah without asking Hannah what she wanted. It wasn't a great look on Dylan, but he's still less objectionable than either Hannah or Blake. Admittedly, that's not the highest praise.

The confrontation ended with Dylan walking away and Hannah returning to one of the beach mattresses with Blake. While Blake assured Hannah that nobody was judging her for staying with him rather than joining Dylan, everybody else in Paradise was busy doing exactly that, with Tayshia and Kristina more or less leading the charge. The prevailing opinion seems to be that looks are deceiving, and Hannah is far from innocent in the whole mess.

While Hannah and Blake proceeded to make out on the beach, Dylan vented that her actions weren't matching with her words, and he began to doubt her. When one of the other guys suggested that it's more on Blake than Hannah, Dylan very firmly stated that his question was whether she had been "100%" with him the whole time.

Hey, he may not have asked her opinion while fighting over her on the beach, but at least he acknowledges that she's far from a passive observer! Come on, Hannah. The final line of the episode was a very confused Dylan finally voicing the question that many viewers were probably already asking, based on Blake's pre-Paradise actions with the other ladies: "Did they date before this or something?"

Oh, poor sweet Dylan.

Blake's History With Hannah

Spoilers ahead of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 revealed that Blake and Hannah had connected before Paradise began filming, and they were confirmed in the trailer for the next episode. In the footage, Blake can be seen telling a bunch of the other contestants -- including Kristina -- that he'd flown out to see Hannah in Alabama a week before Paradise began. It wasn't just that he was in the area, and it definitely doesn't sound like they were just pals hanging out.

Interestingly, the footage has Blake openly talking about visiting Hannah rather than just confiding to the camera or admitting it quietly to a trusted confidant, but Hannah is only seen looking sweet and somewhat guarded, as per usual. The footage of Dylan just shows a man confused and unhappy that what seemed like a solid relationship was built on secrets. And involving Blake, of all people!

More details about Blake's history with Hannah will undoubtedly come out, and comments from Blake following the filming of Bachelor in Paradise suggest that he didn't intend to be as skeevy with Caelynn as Caelynn said on the show. Still, I really hope that Hannah is the last surprise hookup we learn about regarding Blake in Season 6.

If another woman joins the ranks of Hannah, Caelynn, Kristina, and Tayshia, I may need to create a flowchart just to keep track of all the ways they're all connected. At this point, I'm just hoping Blake doesn't reveal that he and Hannah hooked up at Stagecoach too. Jumping from Kristina to Caelynn within the space of a day is already gross enough without adding a third lady!

What Does The Future Hold For Dylan And Hannah?

Can Dylan's relationship with Hannah be salvaged, or is it damaged beyond repair due to the Blake mess? He'll have to get over kind of a lot, since the current drama could have been avoided if Hannah had been honest with him. But he also really seemed smitten with her, and that could be enough for him to want to stick with her... if she gives up on Blake.

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SPOILERS AHEAD for the rest of Bachelor in Paradise Season 6. According to spoilers for the rest of the season, Hannah and Dylan do work through their issues and end up engaged. Relationships that form on Bachelor in Paradise -- even engagements, as we saw with Jordan's return to Paradise in Season 6 despite ending Season 5 engaged to Jenna Cooper -- don't always end well. Jordan may not be around for too long in Season 6, but for now, he's proof that love found in Paradise can't always survive the real world. Will Hannah and Dylan's love be strong enough? END SPOILERS.

Tune in to ABC on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET for new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise. Fall TV season is fast-approaching with all kinds of options, but none of the Bachelor variety, so be sure to enjoy Paradise while it lasts. At this point, we can only hope that the announcement of the next Bachelor leading man is announced sooner rather than later.

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