Superstore Season 5 Is Adding SNL And One Day At A Time Stars

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Superstore is coming back for Season 5, and the little underrated comedy that could is planning to welcome some cool guest stars to the workplace sitcom who look to be shaking things up for the main characters. One Day at a Time's Justina Machado and Saturday Night Live's Heidi Gardner will be appearing on Superstore this season.

Justina Machado will have a recurring role on Superstore in Season 5 as new Cloud 9 district manager Maya, who will turn out to have "a surprising connection" to Amy. We have no idea what that connection could be right now, but according to co-showrunner Gabe Miller, who spoke with TVLine, Maya's presence is promised to make Amy think about what she really wants from her life going forward. And that, in turn, will lead to Amy and Jonah both thinking about what they've gone through, especially since getting to know each other and falling in love, and what they want from the future.

It's no secret that Amy had an eventful Season 4. While now dating Jonah, she gave birth to her ex-husband's baby, went through management training and took over running the store from Glenn (after blackmailing the, soon-to-be former, district manager, Laurie) and had to deal with the shift in her relationships at the store because of her new job.

Things went hilariously less-than-smooth for Amy, but she ended the season by asking Jonah to move in with her, and he accepted, so it makes sense that they'd each be adjusting to the new level of their romance. And, it sounds like Maya's arrival is going to set off some changes for the duo. Let's just hope those changes end up being for the better. Amy and Jonah have worked too long to be together, and I simply will not be able to handle it if they break up now.

Justina Machado's stint on Superstore will kick off in the Halloween episode, which is set to air on October 31. This will actually be a bit of an Ugly Betty reunion, as well, because Machado played America Ferrera's cousin on two episodes of that series. Throw Tony Plana (who plays Amy's dad and also played Betty's father) into one of these episodes with Justina Machado, and we'll really have ourselves a party!

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October 10 will see the arrival of Saturday Night Live's Heidi Gardner, and while it seems that she'll only be around for this one episode, it promises to be a doozy. Why, you ask? Well, because Gardner will be playing the never before seen Colleen, a.k.a. Dina's arch nemesis from the Bel-Ridge Cloud 9 store. Colleen will be transferred when her store gets shut down, and, as you might imagine, Dina will be none too pleased.

In an effort to get out of the I'm-still-so-sorry-I-accidentally-released-all-your-birds dog house, Garrett will do his best to get back on his sometime lover's good side and make sure that Colleen isn't haunting the aisles of Store 1217 for very long. I imagine that whatever Garrett does will be totally appropriate and not make things worse at all. Because that's how that always goes, right? Speaking of Garrett, his portrayer, Colton Dunn, wrote the episode in question, so we'll see how nutty this entry turns out to be.

Superstore returns to NBC on September 26 at 8 p.m. EST, but to keep up with all of this season's premieres check out our 2019 fall premiere guide!

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